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Decontaminate Your Cannabis with Quastar X-ray Technology

Quastar X-ray Technology


Decontaminate Your Cannabis with Quastar X-ray Technology

Looking for a trusted and environmentally conscious solution for cannabis microbial decontamination? Look no further than Rad Source.

In today’s tightly regulated cannabis market, stringent quality regulations play a vital role in overseeing the harvesting and processing of cannabis to ensure the safety of consumers. One crucial step in this process is eliminating the risk of harmful mold and bacteria from dried flower before it reaches dispensaries. To meet these high standards, processors are required to undergo rigorous testing, guaranteeing they provide safe cannabis products. If you’re searching for a trusted and environmentally conscious solution for cannabis microbial decontamination, look no further than Rad Source, the globally recognized leader in irradiation technology solutions.

With a remarkable track record spanning over two decades in the life science industry, Rad Source has been at the forefront of delivering innovative X-ray solutions across various sectors, including research, medical and pharma. Leveraging their extensive scientific product development expertise, they’ve successfully applied their patented Quastar x-ray generation technology to the cannabis industry. Through tireless research and development, Rad Source has developed an advanced process that revolutionizes how cultivators tackle challenging microbes while preserving the cannabinoid profile, delicate trichomes and overall appearance of cannabis.

Recognizing the importance of inactivating dangerous microbes from an infested cannabis flower cannot be understated.  Viable mold and Aspergillus, among others found in various plants, including cannabis, pose significant health risks when inhaled through smoking. These microbials produce mycotoxins, which are toxic substances known to cause respiratory problems, allergies, asthma attacks and potentially even long-term systemic effects, such as cancer or organ damage. Individuals with compromised immune systems are particularly susceptible to severe infections and health complications resulting from exposure to mold and Aspergillus.

Decontaminate Your Cannabis with the Quastar X-ray Platform

At the core of Rad Source’s groundbreaking solution lies the patented Quastar x-ray platform that combines two patented technologies, the Quastar x-ray emitter and the dosing carousel, which offer the highest dose uniformity rate available, which ultimately is the determining factor in effective cannabis decontamination. 

When compared to other cannabis decontamination solutions using X-ray, the Quastar emitter not only produces five times the photon flux than the traditional X-ray technology (point source) but also provides the highest dose uniformity, which is ultimately the determining factor in effective decontamination.  That’s because the point source beam is more like that of a flashlight beam (cone-shaped), while the Quastar emitter is more like a high-powered light bulb.

Unlike traditional decontamination methods, Rad Source’s proprietary process inactivates dangerous pathogens while minimizing any adverse impact on the flower’s terpenes, potency and moisture levels. Notably, photonic decontamination using the Quastar X-ray technology is FDA-cleared for blood irradiation for blood transfusions and organ transplants. 

Designed to safely and effectively eliminate microbial misfits, including mold, powdery mildew, Aspergillus, Salmonella and E. coli from dried cannabis flower, this state-of-the-art technology is seamlessly integrated into the RS 420 Series—a suite of cutting-edge cannabis decontamination systems that utilize the powerful Quastar x-ray technology.

The photonic decontamination process works by harnessing short light wavelengths to effectively penetrate densely packed cannabis flowers, selectively targeting and inactivating challenging microbes at their DNA level. With an impressive decontamination efficiency rate of 99.9%, this process ensures thorough decontamination while preserving the integrity, aroma and visual appeal of the flower.

Photonic decontamination using the Quastar X-ray platform, including the dosing carousel, produces unmatched dose uniformity resulting in cannabis decontamination.

Rad Source’s dosing technology, the dose carousel, is a game-changer in the field of cannabis decontamination. This patented dosing system ensures optimal stability and movement of the cannabis by delicately rotating the loaded canisters, allowing the flower to interact evenly with the light source.
By carefully circulating the flower within the apparatus, the light penetrates evenly and uniformly, effectively neutralizing harmful pathogens without compromising the integrity of the trichomes or any other vital aspects of the cannabis.

One important advantage of the Quastar X-ray technology is that it operates at room temperature, thereby preventing premature decarboxylation of THCA in the flower. Unlike chemical-based and other energy-based decontamination methods, Rad Source’s solution maintains the natural qualities of the cannabis product, including its distinctive terpene profile, potency, moisture content and visual quality.

The Rad Source 420 XL features the game-changing dose carousel. Photo courtesy of Rad Source

Your Decontamination Choices Matter – Choose Wisely

The Quastar X-ray is the most advanced and reliable cannabis decontamination solution available in the cannabis industry. While other companies have attempted to replicate Rad Source’s success, their unique proprietary Quastar technology generates a larger, stronger and higher-energy photon field with exceptional dose uniformity. This guarantees superior performance and consistent results, making Rad Source the go-to provider for cannabis decontamination needs.

Rad Source knows that technology choices matter. By implementing the patented Quastar photonic decontamination technology at your facility, you can be confident that your cannabis products will undergo a safe, reliable and scientifically proven decontamination process. This exceptional level of precision ensures that each portion of the flower receives an equivalent dose of decontamination, guaranteeing the utmost efficacy in the process.

By providing stable support and controlled movement, Rad Source’s decontamination technology safeguards the trichomes, which are responsible for housing the plant’s precious cannabinoids and terpene compounds. This careful approach prevents any potential damage or loss of these valuable components, meaning your cannabis flower will stay fresh and potent for as long as possible.

By choosing Rad Source, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your cannabis will undergo a safe and reliable decontamination process while maintaining its exceptional quality.

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