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Pure Beauty Combines Aesthetics & Heart


Pure Beauty Combines Aesthetics & Heart

Mini joints puff out good vibrations.

Equipped with a pack of prerolled joints filled with premium herb, one feels more prepared for taking on the challenges of the day. In this regard, the dainty mini joints from Pure Beauty might make you feel like you’ve leveled up to gain more brightness and hope to project into a world filled with uncertain times. It’s the little things in life, as they say. 

Pure Beauty, which grows its cannabis in Sacramento, but based its company in Los Angeles, is an up-and-coming company that’s making noise in all the right ways. Their packaging is minimalist and sleek. On the website the video that plays flashes between a woman smoking a preroll to putting a fish back (?!) in the ocean and squashing grapes underfoot. It’s confusing and intriguing all at once. 

But the best part about this company is that not only does the cannabis inside taste exceptional, but Pure Beauty is also constantly trying to do its best to make sure what they are putting out into the world is sustainable. While they do utilize indoor cultivation, which is certainly not as eco-friendly as growing outdoors, they pull the water they use straight from the air using dehumidifiers and an HVAC system and the electricity is generated on site using microturbines. CEO and co-Founder Imelda Walavalkar explains that Pure Beauty even goes as far as to donate the soil they are using to public parks. 

“We are super particular about what we’re putting out there,” Walavalkar says of Pure Beauty’s flowers. “It’s just really good product that’s inside.”

The mini joints — Pure Beauty calls them babies (!) — come in packs of 10 in indica, sativa, hybrid or CBD. Pure Beauty’s working with strains like Mendo Breath and  Forbidden Lemon Glue. They’ve also got some classic flavors in their line-up such as Super Silver Haze and an Orange Burmese that pulls from the lineage of a Burmese landrace strain.

The mini joints are filled with whole flower and burn evenly. Because the joints come ready to go, they can easily be shared with friends. As a sign of the times,  each person could have their own smoke sesh down to the roach. The size makes them manageable because, as Walavalkar aptly says, “all iterations of trying to light a joint later just don’t work.”

Beyond what Pure Beauty is doing in terms of sustainably growing its flowers, the company is also launching plant-based packaging and, judging from the posts on their Instagram, saving the earth is looking quite sexy.

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