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Product Spotlight: Loto Legend

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Product Spotlight: Loto Legend

Photo Courtesy Loto Labs

Product Spotlight: Loto Legend

This tabletop vaporizer is equal parts stylish and functional.

Loto Legend

$499 /

When it comes to tabletop e-rigs that utilize induction heating, we’ve only come across two — and let’s just say it appears only one of them has a patent on the technology. The Legend by Loto Labs delivers hefty vape clouds of cannabis concentrate and looks sleek, all while supplying a potent, clean stone.

The Legend uses a magnetic field to heat an induction coil, which means that unlike other vaporizers reliant on combustion heating, the concentrate doesn’t have to touch the coil to vaporize a hit. In other dab apparatuses, such as an e-nail, the moment the concentrate touches the heating element is the stage where the nail might get mucked up with a soot-like residue. Not so with this e-rig. By eliminating the direct contact of concentrates with the unit, the Legend stays cleaner for longer, which means more hits taste like the delicious terps they’re supposed to.

All in all, this is a fun new unit. The all-glass vapor path is both aesthetically pleasing and functional, and the temperature settings are fairly easy to use. One of the best parts about the Loto Legend is the carb ring around the bowl, which feels more like lifting the bowl on a bong to carb the hit and clear the smoke rather than using a carb cap for the suction you’d need with other e-rigs. On top of all the other features, the carb ring is a smart addition to this very smart rig. The Loto Legend proves it’s possible to be both sophisticated and stoney.

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