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Edible Review: Yummi Karma’s Sriracha Hot Sauce

Photo by L.A. Foodie


Edible Review: Yummi Karma’s Sriracha Hot Sauce

The fieriness from the jalapenos, peppers and garlic does a great job of masking the flavor of the cannabis tincture present in the sauce.

Sriracha hot sauce has an almost cult-like following, with spice-lovers piling the chili blend on just about anything. Yummi Karma’s sriracha hot sauce ups the ante – infusing cannabis into the blend of ingredients to offer the perfect combination of stoney and spice. This hot sauce tastes much like the most-well known offering, the Huy Fong brand featuring prominent image of a rooster affectionately coined “cock sauce” by hoards of heat-heads, but also includes slight hint of our favorite ingredient: cannabis.

However, diehard spicy-food lovers should take caution – each 2-ounce bottle of the Yummi Karma sauce contains 200 milligrams of THC.

Because it acts as a condiment, this hot sauce currently available in California can become a daily-player as it essentially transforms anything into a cannabis-infused meal. Adventurous eaters don’t even have to contain themselves to savory selections, sriracha just made a debut as an ice cream topping at the South Carolina state fair.


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