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Product Review: The 4 Evolutions of the Journey Pipe

Journey Pipe


Product Review: The 4 Evolutions of the Journey Pipe

Over the past eight years, the Journey pipe has gone through four iterations — all of which provide a smooth smoke and a break-proof design for easy cannabis consumption on-the-go.

If you’re a sophisticated smoker looking for a sleek, discreet and resilient pipe, look no further than the Journey pipe. Embodying the minimalist virtues of durability, sustainability and ease-of-use, the Journey pipe’s revolutionary three-piece design makes both smoking and cleaning a breeze.

The pipe’s ergonomic shape gives it a sturdiness that makes it capable withstanding countless hits, be it hits of fantastic herb or an unforgiving hard surface.

As the name implies, the Journey has evolved to become the on-the-go smoker’s favorite companion since its launch in 2010.

Compact and with a silky silicone exterior, this handy pocket pal has a smooth feel and comfortable grip. Its screenless technology eliminates clogging, and the pipe’s sliding and locking lid ensures that there are no spills during transit.

And the Journey pipe has been on a journey itself, as it has been released in four iterations over the past eight years, all of which are now for sale on


Journey Pipe J1 Cannabis Now

$29.99 /

The Journey pipe debuted into the market with revolutionary screenless technology and a single magnet holding the piece together.


Journey Pipe J2 Cannabis Now

$39.99$49.99 /

In 2012, the J2 advanced upon the J1’s design, adding two locking magnets and a circular locking mechanism to replace the single magnet and the locking ridges of the J1. The addition of a raised lip created a better-functioning seal for smoother smoke flow.


Journey Pipe J4 Cannabis Now


$49.99 /

The third model in the Journey line-up took the aesthetic of the previous two pipes and gave it an even sleeker profile, with a shape that almost resembles an interstellar space ship. The J3 has a larger bowl and is constructed from zinc alloy with an electroplated finish — plus it promises not to break, is heat resistant and non-toxic, and delivers a flavorful smoke.


Journey Pipe J4 Cannabis Now

$59.99 /

The latest launch is the pipe industry’s first piece that combines a classic alloy interior bowl with a silicone finish on the outside of the pipe. The J4 takes features from throughout the Journey pipe’s evolution, such as the circular locking mechanism and the heat resistant design, and brings it to the future.

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