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Product Review: Conversion Stone

Photo by Gracie Malley


Product Review: Conversion Stone

This is an excellent purchase for those interested in preserving and truly savoring a stash of top-shelf concentrates or flower.

This small item about the size of a dime can become an essential tool in any smokers’ arsenal. Its makers say that utilizing the Conversion Stone reduces toxins by filtering particles, impurities and tar related to smoke. When placed inside of a bowl to act as a filter within a pipe, the Conversion Stone certainly helped to preserve the flavor of the sungrown Qleaner we sampled. The stone can also be rolled up into a joint to act as a filter, or can be used in combination with a vape pen as a method to preserve the life of the coil. In addition, the Conversion Stone works great for dabbing and can replace the need for a traditional nail. Using the stone, each hit results in a super smooth vapor.

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