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Product Review: LighterBro

LighterBro Review


Product Review: LighterBro

Photo by Gracie Malley

Product Review: LighterBro

The easiest way to describe the LighterBro is a Swiss Army Knife for your lighter, but this quality product has one-upped the classic multi-tool with a smoker’s twist: it also holds a lighter.

The LighterBro comes with a super sharp knife (for cutting blunt wraps), scissors (for making a joint crutch), a micro-screwdriver (for ashing out a bowl) and a bottle opener (for opening a bottle of hemp ale). LighterBro is durable, fun accessory that’s sure to be around longer than the lighters your friends keep stealing.

Click here to purchase.

[Originally published in issue 11 of Cannabis Now Magazine]

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