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Product Review: Cannabis-Infused Drinks

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Product Review: Cannabis-Infused Drinks

Put some dank in your drank and sip on some sinsemilla with these delicious cannabis-infused drinks.

Can’t wait for the high to set in fast enough? Drinks infused with THC can be an excellent way to relieve aches and pains in a discrete manner throughout the day. Since the THC comes in liquid form, cannabis beverages will help you turn up much faster than traditional edibles — meaning they’re also excellent solutions for those seeking immediate relief.

We’ve singled out two of our favorite infused beverages — both refreshing, effervescent sodas. These drinks keep us going through the hectic work week, but are also a wonderful way to sip and socialize after hours with likeminded friends who prefer the high of cannabis to the buzz of alcoholic beverages — or just like to mix things up once in a while.

Crossfading can be cool, but why not skip the hangover and wake up feeling energized and refreshed with these fun cannabis-infused drinks?

Sprig / $8 per can

These cans come with 45 mg of THC and bring on a mild, relaxing high. Created with THC oil, one of the best parts about Sprig is its ability to provide a product with a consistent, reliable dose. These sodas, which have a hint of citrus flavor, disguise the herbaceous flavor of cannabis well and provide a satisfying high that should not be overwhelming for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. As always, those who are new to edibles should start slow until they become comfortable with the effects.

Habit / $14 per bottle

These beautiful beverages look fabulous and taste amazing. With 100 mg of THC sourced from distillate, these sparkling beverages are definitely strong, so its recommended to start with part of the drink and work your way up. Habit comes in an array of flavors, but kiwi is a particularly fun choice because you can get high and trip out on the tiny kiwi seeds floating in the bottle. The flavor of cannabis is hidden well in these bright, energizing drinks.

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