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Small dropper bottles of Pan's Ink, which add specific terpenes to any cannabis strain.

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Pan’s Ink

The handy herbal additives present in Pan’s Ink allow smokers to truly take hold of their smoking experience.

Pan’s Ink consists of various terpenes (the organic chemicals which give cannabis flowers and many other plant-derived products their signature fragrances, which may also be partly responsible for pot’s famous high. Terpenes are reported to modify the physiological and psychoactive effects of cannabis and are customized in the Pan’s Ink products in order to tailor the smoking experience.

With names such as Drowsy, Daydream and Focus, Pan’s Ink products are designed to offer smokers consistent and targeted effects regardless of the herb they may be smoking. A few of the Cannabis Now staff sampled the Focus and noted a difference in the taste profile as well as the high it provided and, while this product could have different results for different users, believe it would be best utilized to extend the life of weed that is otherwise deemed subpar. Each bottle of Pan’s Ink could also be used to achieve the desired outcome of smoking herb when the strain that may naturally produce those results may not be on hand.

All in all, Pan’s Ink is a unique product for those adventurous smokers wishing to customize their smoke and explore, firsthand, the effect that the fragrances present in terpenes can have on ones high.

First appeared in Issue 7 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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