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Oregon State Orders Shutdown of 9 Medical Dispensaries

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Oregon State Orders Shutdown of 9 Medical Dispensaries

Photo by Anthony Souffle

Approximately one month after implementing rules governing a medical marijuana dispensary program, the state of Oregon has ordered the shutdown of nine medical dispensaries, which it says are operating outside of the new law.

While Oregon has a long history with medical marijuana – it was the first state to decriminalize it in 1973 and adopted medical marijuana though the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act in 1998 – rules to regulate a medical cannabis dispensary program became effective this July. Oregon has a thriving medical marijuana industry that was previously operating outside of a state-mandated framework.

The new rules, passed through House Bill 3460 in 2013, set limitations in areas such as zoning and registration with the state. The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, while flooded with applications, has thus far approved 183 medical marijuana dispensaries for operation.

The Oregonian reports that six of the nine dispensaries ordered to shutdown are located within Portland. Several face violations based on zoning restrictions, which require they be located more than 1,000 feet from a registered dispensary or school. Others were cited for operating without a license.

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