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Rethinking Hemp

Rethinking Hemp


Rethinking Hemp

Hemp has a bright future—if we can only give it a chance. A sustainable fiber with more uses than rope, the hemp plant is useful in a variety of industries—plus, it’s environmentally friendly. So, let’s tap into the potential.

Why is the word “hemp” still taboo for many today? Is it because society lumps hemp into the cannabis bucket or because it contains trace amounts (less than .03%) of THC that aren’t enough to cause issues? Is it because hemp is connected to CBD and THC? Is it because eating hemp seeds (which are very good for your body) can also cause you to fail a drug test? How about the positive aspects of hemp? If you’ve explored the topic at all, then you know there’s a long list. In this article, I set out to dismiss any stigmas around hemp and share some of the reasons we’re rethinking how the plant can bring so much positivity to the planet and all elements of civilization.

Why Hemp Should Be Removed From Taboo Lists

1. Agricultural Benefits

Next to bamboo, hemp is the fastest-growing plant on Earth. It can grow up to 9 feet tall and rapidly absorb carbon dioxide. It’s also very good for the soil, offering many agricultural benefits. I believe this should be reason enough to change one’s mind on hemp. As president of Magenta Technologies, an industrial automation, I am dedicated to American industry and discovering ways to help the US innovate and experience continued success in future manufacturing and technology. 

2. Nutritional Benefits

The nutritional aspects of hemp seeds and hemp flour are yet another reason hemp should be removed from the taboo list. It’s rich in heart disease-fighting enzymes and helps the digestive tract. I’m not aware of any medical downsides. It’s common knowledge that Americans are dying of heart disease every day. There’s no downside to adding hemp to one’s diet. The nutritional value of hemp seeds/flour far outweighs any risks I see.

3. Medicinal Benefits

There are many debates on the medicinal value of hemp or CBD and THC. Scientists won’t argue against the medicinal value as related to pain relief and the mental health aspects for both humans and animals.  

4. Industrial Benefits

The industrial uses of hemp fiber go back 50,000 years.  Hemp rope has been around almost as long as humans. What’s wrong with hemp? The hemp industry has the potential to help the US continue to reshore and gain significantly in established industries, including textiles, construction, paper and food manufacturing. We will continue to help expand our local supply chains and communities to support the resurgence of American manufacturing. 

Clothing is my final argument on behalf of hemp. How can we not feel good about an environmentally friendly and sustainable clothing material such as hemp. There’s zero carbon footprint compared to synthetic materials. There’s no defending the alarming effect of the “fast fashion” movement in today’s society. Hemp is far more productive as a plant compared to cotton. Yield rates per acre are not comparable. Hemp wins this argument all day long.

5. Sustainability At Its Core

Most of all, we’re missing the boat on the sustainability aspects of hemp and hemp fiber. If we’re concerned about climate change, we need to get on the bus. We must demand more options that involve hemp production and not continue putting it in the taboo bucket. The government likes to subsidize agricultural products. Why isn’t hemp on the list? 

The Future of Hemp

It’s 2023; it’s time to rethink how the world feels about hemp. It’s time to shift our thoughts and move out of the dark ages. Hemp and its by-products are not going away. In fact, it’s one of the fastest-growing product segments in the world over the past ten years. However, there’s a need for more production and we need to expand the potential uses of hemp. Adopting new technologies and innovative industries like hemp are crucial to the future of American manufacturing. Let’s think harder. Hemp has more uses than rope which has been around for 50,000 years. Hemp is good!

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