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Mohave Cannabis Co. Brings Good People, Good Weed, Good Times

Mohave Cannabis Co
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Mohave Cannabis Co. Brings Good People, Good Weed, Good Times

With a dual focus on growing exceptional cannabis and community outreach, Mohave’s motto says it all.

Mohave Cannabis Co. is renowned for producing premium, award-winning flower using a potent formula of quality phenos and optimal growing conditions. Through hard work and determination, Mohave has grown from a handful of employees into a successful multi-state operation (MSO) with a staff of hundreds. 

You can also call them a legacy operator. Established before weed was legal, Mohave has been growing medicine for medical marijuana patients in Arizona and California for over a decade. With a focus on patient wellness, exceptional cannabis and giving back to the community, the company motto says it all: Good people. Good weed. Good times.

Good People

Founder Curtis Devine is as passionate about giving back to the community as he is about growing exceptional cannabis. Whether donating medicinal products to patients in need or rebuilding community baseball diamonds, Devine has woven his passion for helping others into the fabric of the Mohave brand. 

At its core, Mohave Cannabis Co. is driven to inspire and empower those that join the family. By providing jobs, arranging community river cleanups, and donating to local nonprofits, Mohave proudly gives back to the communities it serves. This dedication is just one aspect that sets Mohave apart from other cannabis companies.

The brand’s commitment to quality and consistency extends into how the plants are grown: Mohave’s premium cannabis flower is carefully hand-cured, trimmed and packaged by licensed cultivators who are considered some of the country’s best cannabis growers. Consistency is king for Mohave’s master growers who cultivate the finest flower at their three sophisticated grows along the Colorado river. 

Mohave Cannabis Co

Good Weed

Devine and his team are dedicated to growing nuanced and sophisticated cannabis while operating under the premise of providing good medicine to people at an accessible price point.

Mohave Cannabis Co. measures its quality using three pillars: consistent THC content, tasty flavor profiles and naturally preserved terpenes. By utilizing the proprietary processes and standards of its team of master growers, Mohave has a line of products for every kind of cannabis consumer.

Mohave Reserve: While quality and consistency are cornerstones of all their products, Mohave Reserve is the grower’s choice that highlights new strains and heavy hitters for cannaseurs. This top-shelf, premium indoor flower tests 25%THC and higher. 

Mohave Select: The everyday choice for the everyday smoker, Mohave Select is ideal for people who want premium products but may not be able to pay premium prices on the daily. You’ll find Mohave Select’s “Work Hard. Smoke Hard” slogan throughout dispensaries in Arizona and Southern California. 

Mohave Pre-rolls: Curated for busy cannaseurs, MCC’s strain-specific pre-rolls are made using only premium buds from the Mohave Reserve line. Individually packaged to preserve freshness, these pre-rolls are made to sit and share, or take with you on-the-go. 

Mohave Diamonds: These raw, terpy and slurpy extracts pack a potent punch. 

Cultivar Classification

Mohave Cannabis Co. has an impressive strain database. The hand-picked and trimmed flower is inspected by Mohave’s cultivation leaders and assessed on five factors: bud density, trichome coverages, nug structure, appearance and cannabinoid percentage. There are no exceptions to the five-factor rule, and Mohave guarantees you won’t be able to miss the big nugs in your jars.

Here’s the lowdown on Mohave’s two bestselling strains, Sour Cupcake and Pineapple Mac.

Sour Cupcake: This indica-dominant hybrid contains major soothing capabilities. It’s mellow and creamy on the pull with a charred nutty exhale, terminating in oaky high notes. You’ll feel any mild muscle or joint pain melt away after a few puffs of Sour Cupcake. The trichome coverage on these nugs is so dense that it overpowers the leaves and pistols and makes the buds look like they were dipped in a bowl of Keef. But, despite being drenched in trichomes, the buds are easy to break apart by hand. It’s so gluey and dense that you can stick it all back together after grinding it and reform one giant nug. On the nose, Sour Cupcake offers a tangy bouquet with distinctly sweet and creamy high notes—and a scent so sour you’ll swear a skunk took his shoes off right under your nose. 

Pineapple Mac: This hybrid has a flavor and aroma profile like no other. Zodiak Genetics bred this deliciously tropical varietal by crossing Gelato 41 with MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies, a Girl Scout Cookie cross). You’ll first notice the deliciously sweet smell—it’s like you’re chowing into a fresh tropical treat in Jamaica. The taste is just as juicy, with a luscious terp profile. This uplifting strain will brighten your mood while relaxing tired muscles and relieving tension. 

Good Times

It’s been a busy couple of months for Mohave Cannabis Co., with the opening of its first official Mohave Cannabis Club stores and the opening of three Arizona locations in Somerton, Safford and Globe, bringing the total number of stores to seven.

The new stores offer the full range of Mohave’s premium indoor flower products, including Mohave Reserve, Mohave Select and Mohave Gold, along with the latest infused pre-roll, the Mohave Heater. 

Additionally, you may choose from a wide range of goods from partner companies, including Mfused, Jeeter, Stiiizy and Item 9 Labs, among others. If you’re in Arizona, stop by and take advantage of the exquisitely designed space’s distinctive shopping experience and first-rate customer service.

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