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Merry Jane Chronicles Cannabis Culture

Seth Rogen teaches you how to roll a joint/Courtesy Merry Jane

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Merry Jane Chronicles Cannabis Culture

About a year ago, Snoop Dogg, the unofficial king of all things cannabis, announced he was launching a marijuana lifestyle website.

While that site, Merry Jane, continues to gain notoriety through its celebrity partnerships (who doesn’t want Seth Rogen to teach them how to roll a joint?) Editor-in-Chief Christopher Roberts says Merry Jane strives to project its own voice and tone.

“We want the voice and the tone to be its own stand-alone brand,” he says. “The easiest way if you want to make some movements in the cannabis industry is do what you do best and that, obviously, was culture for Snoop.”

The website, which focuses on several layers of the leaf, including food and style, is an online platform for cannabis lovers of all kinds to explore the multi-faceted nature of marijuana. But while the format might be rather traditional, Merry Jane seeks to reach those readers who aren’t traditionally associated with cannabis.

“Gone are the days of the stereotypical Rastafarian or drug rug wearing college kid who’s too stoned to finish his projects, that’s sort of a bygone era now,” Roberts says. “Now it’s CEOs, now it’s technicians or engineers or it’s journalists. It’s anyone and everybody. So I think the culture and lifestyle could be anybody, anyone who subscribes to cannabis as a betterment of their own personal life and journey. I think this is that culture now. It’s not about reporting on a niche culture anymore, it’s actually much, much broader and I think it’s growing every day.”

The site, Roberts explains, has a respect for it’s audience while also understanding the varied nature of the cannabis plant.

“There’s defiantly some irreverence because cannabis is used recreationally as well as medicinally,” he says. “So we take that kind of approach. It’s a serious conversation about the medicinal effects and legalization and politics. It also has some irreverent things like seven ways to use discarded weed canisters.”

In the coming weeks the online magazine will also put its efforts behind a Wellness Retreat featuring performances by both Snoop Dogg and Future. In addition, plans are in motion for Merry Jane to become a hub of cannabis commerce through a feature on the site that will enable users to search for specific strains and source where they are available for purchase.

Where do you get your information about cannabis culture? Tell us in the comments below.

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