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Marijuana & Catnip: How to Enjoy a Sesh with Your Furry Friend

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Marijuana & Catnip: How to Enjoy a Sesh with Your Furry Friend

Cats and how cannabis effects them is an area that has yet to see much clinical research — just as laws have made it challenging to research the medicinal benefits of marijuana in humans this also goes for animals.

Some companies are making cannabis-infused treats for pets, often using a hemp-based high dose of CBD, and evidence of the benefits of these products is anecdotal until more research can be conducted. Some animals will naturally be drawn to eating fresh or dried cannabis, and those leaves contain primarily non-psychoactive THC-A and other cannabinoids because a long curing process and/or heat is needed to make the plant psychoactive in the traditional sense. What is we know do is true is that animals cannot consent to getting stoned, and while some pets seek out the sweet sinsemilla, others leave the room when the smoking starts.

Still want to enjoy a sesh with your furry friend and ensure a good time for all? For cat lovers there is an easy solution for including the cat in the fun when the weed is blazing — catnip! Not only does the active chemical nepetalactone cause the majority of cats to act like they just took a glob, catnip is natural flowers that grow in bud-like forms. Fortunately, a number of creative cat people have found ways to celebrate the idea of cannabis in feline-friendly form, with high-grade catnip. These toys and herbs are condoned for cats, so your pal doesn’t feel left out next time you get lifted. An in case you were getting any wild ideas  — just like cannabis may not be what your kitty wants to ingest, leave the catnip to the cats, it doesn’t work for humans.

The Chronic Catnip Company

The Chronic Catnip Company offers an alternative to a “bag of bunk,” claiming that even when one finds, “some half decent bud or leaf, it is still coming from midgrade catnip plants at best.” Their Crippler Catnippler Chronic Blend is all organic and small-batch, a blend of catnip strains to achieve maximum effect. The catnip is hand-packed into food grade jars to keep your stash fresh and your cat happy.

Marijuana Catnip Cannabis Now

Meowijuana – For Cats Who Need the Weed

Meowijuana, in addition to being an excellent weed pun, is a website for weed-themed catnip products, and they’ve covered all the bases. The King Catnibas Meowy J’s are literally RAW cones stuffed with catnip — meant to be sprinkled out of the paper for cats not smoked by humans. They also offer specific strains of catnip in jars for the cat with discerning tastes. The strains have fun names like Meowie-Wowie, Kalico Kush, Feline Express and Grandaddy Purr and come in either “Leaf & Flake” or “Buds.” There are catnip-filled toys shaped like blunts and spliffs, catnip spray, grinders (for the nip), and plenty of other merchandise with the company’s clever name emblazoned on it.


KittyWeed offers organic (and kosher) catnip products to spice up the life of your cat, most notably their signature “Big Fatty” catnip-stuffed toy. Handmade with rugged flaxseed linen, cotton canvas and hemp twine, each contains a “dang near full half ounce” of the nip.

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