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Kushy Punch: The Medicated Products That Pack a Punch

Kushy Punch
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Kushy Punch: The Medicated Products That Pack a Punch

In the cannabis community, the struggle to shine a light of compassion and healing into the shadows continues. One company that represents these values with a vigor is Kushy Punch.

In their short three years of business, Kushy Punch rocketed to the forefront of the most respected brands in the world. They take the spirit of cannabis seriously and curate the freshest cannabis plants for their extraction process. The results: only the purest, solvent-free cannabis oils go into their edibles.

The dedication to exceptional standards doesn’t stop with the medicine itself. Kushy Punch started with some of the most highly trained and experienced team members in the edibles industry. Call them cannabis confectionery perfectionists. They set out to become the best from the start. Not a single product made it to market without first going head-to-head with the best award-winning edibles in the world. Kushy Punch ensures not only the best medicine but the most delicious flavors.

“Your gummies are amazing! I suffer from a disorder that causes extreme joint pain; it’s called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome… I was taking 60 mg of Morphine, 50-60 mg of Hydrocodone… the list was long. I discovered your sativa gummies, and they changed my life!” – tawnya0228

A Powerhouse of Products

Their medicated gummies come in six different varieties and potencies, packed with full flavor terpenes: sativa, hybrid, indica, Recover (THC/CBD), CBD and TKO.

The disposable vape line includes Apple Candy, Mango Madness, Strawberry Cough, Honeydew, Unicorn Dreams and CBD Bliss.

Each blend is a delight to the taste buds, the body, and the spirit.

“I just want to thank you guys for making such a great product. I had a biopsy done last Friday, and your medicine was the only thing that has helped me sleep and remain calm while I wait for my results. Thank you!” – Brenda

Going Beyond Helping Patients

Kushy Punch embodies the compassionate values of cannabis and gives back to the community at every opportunity. With community food drives, they donated over a ton of food, non-perishable drinks, and other supplies to the LA Food Bank in 2016. Each year, they plan to provide Thanksgiving meals to over 5,000 needy families.

Going beyond people, Kushy Punch world with wildlife conservation projects. They donate revenue every quarter to help sustain Wildlife Waystation, an animal sanctuary in the Angeles National Forest. Their love of nature even led Kushy Punch to start a project for purchasing 500 acres of land to seed a forest. In doing so, they hope to increase biodiversity and fight deforestation.

Whether you prefer the punch of a vape or the staying power of edibles, Kushy Punch has the right dose for you. They also curate a line of CBD edibles made from 100 percent organic hemp for those who want clear-headed healing. Start with just one dose, only adjust as needed. They guarantee the power of the Punch.

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