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Innovative Cannadips Are Dipping Into Brand New Territory

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Innovative Cannadips Are Dipping Into Brand New Territory

Carving out a new category of its own, Cannadips is a highly innovative product that is revolutionizing the way people experience cannabis.

Along with the “green rush” has come a slew of cannabis-based products with new scents, tastes and packaging. Yet, ways of ingesting and digesting cannabis remain largely the same. Our experiences with smoking devices, tinctures, and edibles that fall within the conventional sativa, indica or hybrid model have become all too familiar. Even to the point where we neglect to search for new frontiers. One company is seeking to elevate the cannabis experience by tackling common consumption issues such as absorption time, discreetness and overall control. A hybrid between an edible and a tincture, Cannadips are a smokeless and fast-acting form of cannabis delivered in small yet effective doses.

Created with all natural, premium grade and pesticide-free cannabis, Cannadips pouches are all made from biodegradable, plant-based products. Unlike the average edible, which can take anywhere between 45 minutes and two hours to take effect, Cannadips’ patented H2o dispersible technology allows consumers to feel the effects of their high within just minutes of absorption.

Perfect for those either uninterested or unable to use inhalation methods. Cannadips contains precise doses, using a stringent standard operating procedure, developed by the team’s experienced chemists. Pouches are placed inside the mouth for rapid absorption, offering users a consistent dosing experience, which is far more difficult to achieve in the form of tinctures and while smoking.

Cannadips Deliver the Feel-Good Factor

But it’s not just about getting high — the product has the unique ability to isolate specific terpenes and integrate them into the pouches, elevating the standard sativa, indica, hybrid, or CBD experience into something totally unique. Rather than having to use a helpful strain before bedtime due to couchlock as with most products on the market, Cannadips can be used throughout the day or for users who want to “feel good” while still carrying out their daily responsibilities.

Based out of Humboldt, California, Cannadips is shifting the paradigm of the industry by providing a uniquely designed cannabis experience, along with an optimal dosing technique. Their addition of top quality essential oils, monk fruit and non-synthetic terpenes to flavor their products are a great benefit to the many health-conscious consumers out there who crave edible products but wish to avoid the added sugars.

Simply put, once consumers sample this style of medicating, there’s no going back.

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