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A silver Kindscope on a white background allows lookers to view cannabis up close.

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Here at Cannabis Now, we’re all about viewing beautiful buds up close. That’s why we love the KindScope. This tiny magnifying device comes in its own discreet case and a remarkably compact package. One half of the device is an LED flashlight with two brightness settings, and the other is a microscope powerful enough to show individual trichomes in exquisite detail. When brought close to bear on individual buds, the KindScope illuminates their surface in gorgeous close-up. While the trichomes are the star of the show, the KindScope will also readily reveal mold, mildew, and other pests if present, meaning that the ‘Scope can serve as either a warning or a delightful gratification.


First appeared in Issue 5 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

Click here to purchase / $29.99

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