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Pop Art Meets Glass Art with The K. Haring Collection

The K. Haring Collection Glass


Pop Art Meets Glass Art with The K. Haring Collection

Enjoy this vibrant glass collection featuring the iconic pop art of AIDS activist Keith Haring.

The K.Haring Glass Collection is an exclusive line of glass pipes and accessories featuring artist and social activist Keith Haring’s iconic graphics, which incorporate broad, bold strokes and groundbreaking imagery that helped spread messages of peace, love equality and compassion in the 1980s during the AIDS epidemic.

The blending of timeless pieces, modern design tweaks, and Haring’s artistic vision have resulted in one of the most aesthetically pleasing and efficient glass pipe and accessory lines ever.

Unlike many glass lines, the K. Haring Glass Collection honors a piece of history and pays homage to Haring’s bold, energetic artistry that still excites and engages audiences today.

Art for the Masses

Haring’s brief, but impactful career began in New York City’s subways in the 1980s. Inside the subway stations, he experimented with white chalk drawings on unused black advertising paper. It was an easy way to get his artwork in front of a lot of people, and it worked.

The K. Haring Collection Glass

Committed to being accessible, Haring’s illustrations circumvented the traditional art gallery circuit. His imagery became a widely recognized visual language that united New York City street culture with pop art.

As the public embraced Haring’s graffiti-esque work, he went on to create larger scale works, including many commissioned murals in cities around the world.

In 1986, Haring went on to open his Pop Shop in Manhattan’s SoHo district. The store sold T-shirts, toys, posters and other objects featuring his art. While he was highly criticized for the commercialism of his work, Haring’s aim was to bring his art to more people at reasonable prices.

“My shop is an extension of what I was doing in the subway stations, breaking down the barriers between high and low art,” said Haring, in a New York Times article published on Feb. 17, 1990, the day after Haring died of AIDS.

Haring used fashion and product to bring his work to a diverse, global audience.

Parallels of cannabis culture and the underground street art scene find a perfect marriage in the K. Haring Collection.

Each K. Haring Collection piece is hand-wrapped with the vibrant and playful strokes Haring is known for while providing excellent flavor for your dry herb or concentrates. There is just enough of Keith Haring’s work on each accessory to catch the eye, but not to dominate the room.

The Lineup: For Concentrate and Dry Herb Enthusiasts

The K.Haring Glass collection features a lineup of classic smoking shapes for both concentrate and dry herb enthusiasts. Choose from a taster, spoon pipe, bubbler, water pipe or concentrate rig to accommodate your smoking preference.

Each piece in this collection is constructed from borosilicate glass to prevent shattering and withstands every day use.

Dry herb users who enjoy just a bit of material here-and-there will enjoy the small, yet stylish

K. Haring Taster, which features Haring’s artwork wrapped around the back third of the one-hitter.

The hammer-style K. Haring Spoon Pipe is also appealing, as it offers low-draw resistance in order to deliver full flavor to your material while emanating Haring’s positive spirit. 

The K. Haring Collection Glass

For water filtration needs, the K.Haring Glass Collection includes a bell-shaped bubbler that features a showerhead percolator for cooled smoked and is comfortable in hand. The classically styled K. Haring Water Pipe incorporates a removable, diffused downstem and seven-slit showerhead percolator to moisturize your draws. Concentrate-centric users will appreciate the fact that the G Pen Connect fits perfectly inside the K. Haring Water Pipe’s downstem, turning this piece into a stylish dual-use device. 

With 7/10 rapidly approaching, concentrate users should look to the above-mentioned concentrate combination and the K. Haring Rig for their concentrate vaping needs. The K.Haring Rig combines a turbine percolator that generates a cyclone of moisture for remarkably cool draws from a timeless rig shape.

Keith Haring’s spirited artwork is carefully placed and hand wrapped in a way that allows the entirety of your glass piece to shine. Every piece in the K. Haring collection has two design options: you can choose from a bright, uplifting yellow motif, or a design-savvy black and white composition. 

Shop the G Pen Connect and the entire K. Haring Collection at’s and save 10% on your entire purchase with coupon code CNOW10.

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