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Grow Pods, Deploy! These Pods Will Help You Grow Your Own at Home

Grow Pods
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Grow Pods, Deploy! These Pods Will Help You Grow Your Own at Home

These four essential grow pods are perfect for modular indoor growing, from novice to baller status.

The right to cultivate a little homegrown cannabis is spreading across America, but with it come responsibilities like odor control and security. Most people don’t have a spare acre for a small greenhouse, so self-contained indoor grow pods promise to surge.

Of course, killer dank doesn’t just grow itself in a soggy cardboard-board box in your closet lined with tin foil. You have to invest in an effective grow system or it’s ‘garbage in, garbage out’. Here are a few of the top indoor grow pods giving cultivators a head start at their little pot patch. The entry-level units recoup themselves after a few decent runs. As for those budding marijuana moguls looking to scale up and branch out. We got you, too.

Leaf Grow Cabinet


An inconspicuous, plug-and-play hard case grow cabinet that comes with precise temp/humidity controls, LED lighting, carbon odor filter and an automatic nutrient dosing system. Don’t think you can get away with just plopping in clones and out shoots dank 10 weeks later. It’ll still require some monitoring—but definitely gives you an edge on growing the sweet green. Grow one pound and you’ve broken even on the box.

Super Locker 4.0 Grow Box

The Super Locker is good cabinet choice for the stealth grower looking for a low-heat, lower energy grow solution as compared with HID lighting. Equipped with a secondary optical lens providing maximum photosynthetic penetration from plant canopy to the stem, this plant will grow ‘em tall. Super Locker is so sure you’ll dig their system that they offer a three-year, no-hassle warranty on their gear.

Cloudponics Grow System

Need to know how your Oaktown Crippler will react to a particular nute regimen — there’s an app for that. This grow system comes complete with a crowd-sourced database of plant grow programs to dial in ideal conditions for specific plant strains. Comes with garden troubleshooting support over the phone.

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Shipping containers have long-been spotted on big farms, but now — they’re evolving. Flip your passion into enterprise-mode with PharmPods’ modular, refurbished shipping containers. They’re stackable, “Plug & Grow,” and come with a streamlined start-up process that’ll take you through the entire cultivation cycle from clones to curing.

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