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Top Strains and Products for St. Patrick’s Day

This Saint Patrick Day marks the first in legal cannabis states for millions of Irish Americans — 1.4 million in Massachusetts alone.


Top Strains and Products for St. Patrick’s Day

If you want to experience your own personal pot of gold without chasing rainbows, just follow our list of the finest quality cannabis products available for your St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

March 17th has always been known for green beer, Guinness and snakes, but this Saint Patrick’s Day marks the first in legal cannabis states for millions of Irish Americans  — 1.4 million in Massachusetts alone.

Americans love everything Irish: we have 16 cities named Dublin. However, you can always improve on things, and in the years since 1762 (when New York City hosted the first U.S. St. Patrick’s Day Parade) the cannabis has never been better.

Here are a few of the luckiest strains and products to help you top off your morning and get you through the work day — then the real excitement starts.

Green Crack

Almost lost to history due to its politically incorrect name, the legendary Skunk 1# mystery indica cross is still a top crusher almost 30 years after it first hit the scene. While not as commercially viable in warehouses as her newer, stickier competitors, it’s definitely a classic!

Irish Moss 100MG Smoothie

Still seen sporadically in the wild, Irish Moss was a Northern California sensation in the early part of the decade. It took home best edible at a few stops on the NorCal cup circuit, when super potent edibles were starting to become really big. While only slightly less elusive than a leprechaun, you can still get your hands on it if you’re lucky!

Jar of dank buds that may be used to make Kush Cream's Throat Spray for a Sore Throat

U2 Kush

It’s going to be tough to sing like Bono while you’re puffing on this heavy hitter. This Master Kush x Bubba Kush cross has that proper kushy scratch you can really sink your tear ducts into. If you’re in need of a solid indica to quiet down that person that thinks they’re extra Irish today, you may have found your winner!

A Macro Photograph of Super Silver Haze Against a Black Backdrop

Azure Haze

“Jimi, how did DJ Short end up on this list?” This is a reasonable a question. Azure Haze is my favorite thing on the menu at Boston’s Patriot Care. The resident’s of one of the most Irish places in America have access to this fantastic cross done by DJ Short and his son JD. It’s a cross of an old Blueberry male and an old school favorite, Silver Haze. Also Patriot Care is close to Faneuil Hall, if you don’t think you have enough experience points to go to Southie.

A Macro Shot of OG Kush Against a Black Backround

Emerald OG

Like a deep rooted Irish American community dating back to Gold Rushes and railroads, the California Breeders Association has been developing Emerald OG for Years. It’s a cross between a well regarded Fire OG cut and Emerald Diesel, one of the many West Coast sours, which can be difficult to trace lineage on.

“Green” Beer

We don’t have any good weed infused stouts that were brewed in Dublin to recommend, but we can point you in the direction of some pot beer brewed by the Beer World Cup medalists at Thorn St. Brewery in San Diego. The folks at Jetty Extracts provide the SoCal craft brewers with cannabis-derived terpenes, which they added to their now famous HighPA.

TELL US, what strains make you feel more Irish?

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