Expo for Brides Who Want To Say ‘I Do’ to Weed Coming to SF

With legalization creeping across the globe, cannabis is slowly finding its way into more and more social occasions.

It may still be a practice largely relegated to cannabis industry professionals, but there’s enough people including cannabis in their wedding day to support an entire expo dedicated to weed weddings.

With legalization creeping across the globe, cannabis is slowly finding its way into more and more social occasions. For some, the freedom to enjoy marijuana even means incorporating the healing herb into one of the biggest days of their life — their wedding day.

While a select handful of ambitious couples may plan the affair entirely on their own, most who grapple with the task seek out the counsel of others. To help with the planning for those who want to say “I do” to herb at their wedding, the Cannabis Wedding Expo is set to host an upcoming event at the Westfield Center in downtown San Francisco.

Bec Koop, owner of Irie Weddings and Events in Colorado, is an expert at tastefully incorporating cannabis into special occasions. She’s been crafting cannabis floral arrangements for special events as Buds & Blossoms since 2014.

Including cannabis in a wedding — a practice Koop said is primarily being adopted by the growing number of cannabis industry professionals — can be an opportunity to educate friends and family about the multitude of ways it can improve wellbeing.

“You have an opportunity to break stigma and take away some of the fears,” she said. “Both alcohol and cannabis are beautiful additions for a wedding or special event.”

Not everyone has to go all out on a hosted bud bar though; Koop said the addition of marijuana into marriage ceremonies can be as discreet as the couple desires it to be.

“It all comes down to venue selection and what ways you would like to incorporate it,” she said.

Suppose you’re planning a wedding in California or Colorado — two recreational states where The Cannabis Wedding Expo will host events this year — and don’t want to offend aunt Irene with decadent wafts of premium wedding day Dos-Si-Dos. You have several options: you can rent a party bus to park outside your venue, provide guests with party favor bags as they exit or put special joints within favors on assigned seats.

There are also hemp and silk wedding dresses and menswear attire options, and hemp lip balms and lotions can be provided as gifts — you could even set up a CBD spa in the event bathroom.

“You could have a unity bubbler or a unity bong for your first toke together,” Koop said.

Cannabis is still very much a taboo in the mainstream wedding world. But when a $50 billion wedding industry collides with a cannabis projected to reach a value of $22.6 billion in five years, prepare to see sparks fly.

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