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Cannabis Tourism in Colorado With My 420 Tours

Offerings from retail cannabis shops in Colorado lay on a table in a 420 friendly hotel room. | Photo courtesy Marijuanderlust


Cannabis Tourism in Colorado With My 420 Tours

In the lobby of a major chain hotel in downtown Denver, Colorado a patient tour operator chats with an older patron checking in for a 4/20 tour experience.

“In-di-ca, that means in-da-couch,” the man says beaming with his new knowledge of cannabis varieties and their effects.

Stacked at the edge of the check-in area is a huge pile of Silver Surfer vaporizers, to be used in the hotel rooms for Colorado visitors seeking the full breadth of what being in an adult-use cannabis state means. While many are gathered in Denver for the week-long cannabis celebration known as World Cannabis Week, My 420 Tours provides visitors with cannabis-friendly accommodations and travel year round. The packages provided by the tour group include grow tours and cannabis cooking classes, but finding a hotel room where one can vaporize openly is a game-changer in a state that outlaws open public consumption.

“It’s a profoundly exciting experience and kind of an experiment,” My 420 Tours owner JJ Walker says. “There’s not a lot of places that you can have these types of experiences with or without the introduction of cannabis.”

The front desk hands out the Silver Surfer on loan when patrons check in while also providing directions to a smoking patio located on the fourth floor. Once checked into the accommodations, those on the tour can feel free to vaporize the cannabis they purchased at a retail shop front, without fear of smoking charges often tacked on by other chains. Like any other typical hotel visit, a pamphlet of city sites is included, except these selections include locations relevant to the cannabis smoker – dispensaries, grows and even the Denver Art Museum. My 420 Tours will even bring you to the location on a party bus safe for smoking.

“If you’re flying to Colorado you’re not going to bring your top of the line equipment to consume, so if you’re going to do it you might as well do it in style,” Walker says, adding that plans in the works to include a kit for dabbing so tour-goers can also explore cannabis concentrates.

Within the sanctity of my own 4/20 hotel room, a grab bag of cannabis concentrates acquired from the cannabis cup are sampled by myself and weekly Boston Pot Report host and NORML Women’s Alliance volunteer Laura Notini. The selection is amazing. Shatters, waxes, droppers full of mystery terps and Laura’s brought along her torch – purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond upon arrival – and quartz nail dab rig.

We go through an inordinate amount of dabs between us – getting super stoney in the process. When we grab the free black and white umbrellas provided by the hotel to search for a late night snack – we come upon majesty of one of the city’s oldest hotels, The Brown Palace. The opulence and grandeur of the hotel that has played host to presidents and prime ministers since opening 120 years ago looks all the more brilliant under the curtain of heavy cannabis concentrates and I can’t help but think this is the only way to truly explore all that the Mile High City has to offer.

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