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Video: How To Roll A Joint


Video: How To Roll A Joint

In this brief video by Billowby, a new online headshop, everyone can learn the simple joy of rolling a joint.

Rolling up a joint of our finest endo at the close of a hard day is akin to a true art form.

To begin, it’s all about the proper tools. We’re rolling an outdoor organic selection straight from the farmer himself and aren’t intending on messing around with the herb part of this equation. As the video shows, you’ll also need some rolling papers, an index card to serve as a crutch and a grinder. This last part of your setup – the grinder – is important, the video explains, as an even grind helps the cannabis hold its form and burn evenly.

For those still searching for other ways to smoke the healing herb mystifying offerings such as this pipe fitted with LED light are out there. More videos can also be seen on Billowby’s YouTube page. The wide world of cannabis is open and includes an array of ways to enjoy its many offerings.

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