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Eat Your Way to Wellness with Identity’s “Future Food”

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Eat Your Way to Wellness with Identity’s “Future Food”

Years of chronic health conditions inspired Identity founder Rune Sydengen to start his own CBD line with a focus on “prioritizing health and wellness for happier and more productive lives,” after medical marijuana put him back on the road to health.

Combining Norwegian food purity and innovation with the highest quality CBD technology from the U.S., Identity offers a variety of clean and scientifically developed products. The company’s overarching goal is to improve the health of both people and the planet with their high-end CBD products, which are specifically formulated for wellness, health, recreation and relaxation. 

Identity’s backstory is a powerful example of something good coming from a bad situation. 

Founders Rune Sydengen and Sølvi Barber explain how their “Future Food” products will revolutionize the health and wellness industries. 

Their story began fifteen years ago when Sydengen woke up seriously unwell. As physicians tried to diagnose the problem, he was fed a potent cocktail of prescription drugs for diseases including AIDS, HIV, leukemia, and ALS. The treatments were so severe that three blood clots developed in his heart, which at one point caused it to stop. At his lowest, Sydengen weighed only 37 kilos (81.6 pounds).

After years of unsuccessful treatment in his native Norway, Sydengen took matters into his own hands and flew to the Mayo Clinic in Florida for a second opinion. After just four days, he was correctly diagnosed with Lyme disease. He was quietly told that CBD and  medical marijuana may be beneficial, although at that time it was still illegal in the Sunshine State. Following this advice, Sydengen started incorporating CBD and THC products into his daily regime. He regained 19 kilos in two weeks “through munchies,” Sydengen said with a grin. “I was my hotel’s best room service customer.” 

He returned to Norway and continued adding CBD to his food. As he started regaining his health and strength, Sydengen was able to drop nine of his 10 prescription medications. 

The experience inspired Sydengen to start his own CBD line with a focus on “prioritizing health and wellness for happier and more productive lives.” He tapped his friend Sølvi Barber, and in 2018 they launched Identity, a line of high-end CBD products with a unique focus on “Future Foods.” Across the range of products, Identity combines organic, natural ingredients with the highest levels of science.

A Circular Approach

Creating food products that are both nutritious and delicious was paramount to both Sydengen and Barber. By combining plant science with culinary techniques, Identity has created its “Future Food”concept. “Norway has no GMO, no antibiotics in its food. So, that’s where we started,” Barber explained.       

Norway is renowned for its strict standards for agriculture and food production. The country’s agriculture model focuses on less “mass-produced” means of production, better animal welfare, and creating sustainable, circular farming methods. All of Identity’s products are made with the finest Norwegian ingredients, which are then blended with organically grown CBD sourced from family farms in Oregon and Colorado. 

“Digestive health is the way to go,” Barber said. “The key was to make clean, healthy products for the future. Products that take care of people and the planet at the same time.”

Two food products round up Identity’s CBD lineup: Norwegian Bone Both and Superfood Creamer.                     

Dairy-Free Coffee Creamers                                               

Identity’s delicious Coffee Creamers are a game-changer for those looking to add CBD seamlessly into their daily wellness routine. Simply mix them into your favorite coffee, tea, protein shakes and smoothies. 

“The way the creamer is mixed together maximizes the bioavailability of the CBD in your body,” Sydengen said. “It’s so easy and clean and can be used for everything—

baking, coffee, smoothies. I even add them to my yogurt.” 

Available in a variety of delicious flavors including honey, vanilla, coconut, and cacao, these dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free creamers contain no artificial sweeteners. Available in individualized packets, they are also perfect for traveling and can be a lifesaver when you don’t have an easily accessible dairy free option. 

Norwegian Bone Broth

Identity partnered with Norwegian company Norilia to create the bone broth without wasting any part of the chicken, creating a circular economy that’s a cornerstone in Identity’s sustainable manufacturing ethos. Nortura (the parent company of Norilia) was selected to be a part of United Nations FNs Global Compact initiative, driving business awareness and action to achieve their sustainable development goals by 2030.

“A lot of factories take the filets, take the wings, and the rest is normally thrown away,” Barber explained. “With our product, instead of being thrown away, the bones are blended to cut the amino acid chains to maximize the bioavailability.” 

The Norwegian Bone Broth’s state-of-the-art formulations utilize healthy fats to increase absorption and bioavailability. Available in three delicious flavors—Chicken, Chanterelle Mushroom, and Ginger Ramen—each package of bone broth has 13 grams of easy-to-digest protein. As Norway has some of the best animal welfare in the world, the chicken used in the broth is cage-free, non-GMO, and completely free of any hormones and antibiotics.

The Future of Food and Wellness

Looking ahead, the Identity founders believe food will continue to play an even bigger aspect of healing and healthy living.

“In the future, the healing effects of what you eat will emerge,” Barber said. “CBD as a natural part of the future of food is just logical in our minds.” 

Identity has more products on the horizon, including glacially filtered Norwegian water; wellness-focused lozenges; and skin care products. 

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