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Denver Hosts First Annual Weedstock Conference

Author Michael Green talks with passersby about his book "Marijuana Living" at the first annual Weedstock Conference in Denver
Photo by Errin Reaume

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Denver Hosts First Annual Weedstock Conference

Investors, entrepreneurs and innovators from all over the country went to the Westin Hotel in downtown Denver for the first annual Weedstock Conference. The conference featured updates on the state of the industry and its impending evolution through various panel discussions and keynote presentations. In addition to the main presentation agenda, the conference was also dotted with exhibits from marijuana companies and sideline demonstrations to interest event-goers between discussions and networking opportunities.

The event took place on June 29-July 1 and began with a commencement brunch and keynote speaker Alan Brochstein, the chief financial advisor of 420 Investor as well as a presentation from David Bernstein of

The theme of the event was ‘what’s new in a new industry,’ and investors were looking for key components and innovative ideas that will become a standard for the industry with a little luck and a lot of dedication. Engineers and developers were looking for capital in what they believe to be game-changing ideas.

Other presenters included Paul Cohen of Grass Roots Research, Justin Hartfield of Weedmaps, Dr. Stella Sung of Tauriga Sciences, Gennifer Murray of Cannlabs and Aaron Smith of the National Cannabis Industry Association, to name a few.

Roberto Lopesino Seidita of American Cannabis Consulting discussed the lack of structure in marijuana manufacturing in his presentation “Metrics in the Cannabis Industry.” He explained to investors that while there are many different ways to grow a beautiful flower, there are essential key elements in every space, that if used economically and intelligently, can maximize potential and help a space come out ahead of their competitors. With a little planning, dispensaries, grow houses and auxiliary companies can maximize net profits while reducing costs and staying safely within the regulations of their state.

He shared, “When I started in this business, I would go to an organic outdoor grow in Boulder, where the main fertilizer is llama manure, I could hold and smell an essentially perfect finished flower product. Then I would head into Denver to visit another grow with a NASA-esque interior, where I had to remove my shoes and wear a full head mask. This grow had the same quality as the first, yet, one was producing three times the yield as the other.”

Michael Green, author of Modern Marijuana Living: Lighting the Way to a Healthy Lifestyle, was present to pass out signed copies of his book and discuss some of its ideas during the first cocktail and cannabis hour on Monday.

The book is essentially a how-to guide for being an effective advocate for the marijuana lifestyle. It includes tips on introducing new smokers to different methods for enjoying cannabis, grooming suggestions to avoid the stoner stereotype and the importance of knowing your limit, especially in public.

Many presentations followed a similar thread that explored what new technologies can be utilized to create a safer, more intelligent and widespread industry and ways to improve the overall image of cannabis culture. Attendees were able talk to each other while in separate conferences or events, take notes for the community to review and discuss ideas on the conferences real-time forum, Weedstock Chat.

For those unable to attend, each presentation was recorded and should be available via the Weedstock website shortly.

What are your thoughts on the evolution of the cannabis industry? What types of technology would you like to see available in the future?  Tell us in the comments.

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