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Cloud Vaporizer

Sometimes a little discretion can go a long way. The Cloud Vaporizer lacks the fancy features of bulkier models but delivers the one thing which all too often counts the most: discretion.

Nothing about this sleek and unassuming device signals any illicit purpose. It’s designed to resemble an e-cigarette, although at the bottom of a woman’s purse the Cloud (especially the pink version) might just as easily be mistaken for lipstick. In tests, the Cloud gave off a few noticeable vapors, but ultimately nothing a few spritzes of Formula 420 Smog-Out couldn’t handle.

especially | Jessica Catalano + Cannabis Now Magazine

The mouth-tube pops off to reveal a cylindrical chamber near an exposed heating element; in tests, flowers performed better than concentrates, which left a goopy residue. The one-button operation, while earning points for its simplicity, lacks any precise temperature control. Nevertheless, when discretion matters most, the Cloud delivers the goods, plain and simple. Recommended for anyone who ever has a need to stay discreet.

First appeared in Issue 5 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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