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Cannabis Creations Body Lotions

A pot of body butter by Cannabis Creations sits on top of and next to a pot leaf and flower.

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Cannabis Creations Body Lotions

These are the kinds of product which remind us what a versatile plant cannabis truly is. Cannabis Creations Body products contain both the oil from the plant’s seed and extract of the female flower’s resin; the combination makes for a one-two punch of relaxation and bliss.

Hempseed oil has long been noted for its superior lather and moisturizing properties, so it’s just all-around good for the skin. But the hash extract, suspended in arnica oil for deep and rapid delivery, provides the most profound benefits. While topical application of cannabinoids will not get the user “high” the way inhaled or ingested cannabis will (due to a general dearth of CB1 receptors in the epidermis), they can certainly help to soothe tension – tests discovered that a light massage with Cannabis Creations’ medicated oil relieved lower back pain both quickly and effectively.

The hemp and hash oil are combined with high-quality, organic media ranging from lip balm to mud masks – think of Cannabis Creations as Burt’s Bees with a bit of a kick. The only downside to our lovely trial package was what seemed like an excessive amount of plastic and packing peanuts – it bummed us out to throw away so much non-recyclable materials. But then, after the first time we’d tried their luscious lotions on our overworked skin, we quickly got over it.

DISCLAIMER: Due to Federal Regulations, Cannabis Basics is currently only available in the state of Washington.

First appeared in Issue 5 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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