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Be the Celebration with Canndescent Festival Flowers

One company challenging and changing the way people relate to the cannabis experience is Canndescent, a major innovator in California’s medical cannabis space.
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Be the Celebration with Canndescent Festival Flowers

With a unique suite of curated cannabis experiences built around your desired festival experience Canndescent, offers sensory enhancing flowers grown in the Coachella Valley.

The traditional way of thinking about cannabis strains is all about where the flowers are from — what are the genetics, where was it grown? But industry innovator Canndescent is reimagining the cannabis experience by instead asking users where they want to go. 

And as the spring festival season rages on (and the rambunctious fun of summer waits just around the corner) Canndescent knows a lot of people want to go to an outdoor music festival. That’s why they’ve curated a unique suite of distinct cannabis experiences — inspired by the spirit of the music season in Coachella Valley, where Canndescent’s flowers are grown.

Canndescent CEO, Adrian Sedlin, said the targeted sensory enhancement focus around certain types of activities helps elevate the festival going experience rather than overwhelm it.

“Using cannabis flower to create the perfect mood or feeling around an activity or event is core to our brand DNA,” Sedlin said. “Our Festival Flowers take what we call ‘The Art of Flower™’ to the next level, helping each festival attendee curate how they want to feel at a very specific time and place.”

The effects offered in the Festival Flowers series are Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect and Charge — all things you might find yourself wanting to do at a once-in-a-lifetime event like Coachella. Charge is especially recommended for festivals as it is a high-energy favorite.

The Festival Flowers series doesn’t just gear its effects towards specific Coachella experiences, it also includes an orange carrying case with premium rolling papers, hemp wick, and matches — all the necessary accoutrement in an attractive package that screams “Sochella.”

The company also joined forces with legendary lifestyle fashion photographer, Michael Haber, to release limited-edition cannabis carryalls and belt packs.

“Having photographed and styled iconic,global brands like Ralph Lauren, GAP, Levi’s, Mercedes, and Target, it’s a natural for me to collaborate with Canndescent,” Haber said.

Learn more about Canndescent HERE.

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