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Canndescent: Illuminating the Cannabis Experience

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Canndescent: Illuminating the Cannabis Experience

The mainstreaming of cannabis culture and business is in full swing. That means new product and brand identities that shun stoner stereotypes in favor of sleek, contemporary, “lifestyle” branding and packaging that calls to mind unboxing an Apple product — not carving an apple pipe.

Canndescent’s curated line of cured flowers offers a uniquely experience-oriented entry point for those curious about cannabis. By emphasizing the physical and psychological impacts of the strain (rather than the specific genetics), the company provides new users with an opportunity to cast aside pre-conceived notions and dive directly into a personal experience with the plant.

Canndescent’s branding and focus is definitely leading the direction the cannabis industry is headed. Its innovative presentation speaks to a new, more conscious demographic that’s as concerned with aesthetics as quality. Canndescent is the first and only cultivator to market cannabis by effect, naming its strains Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect and Charge.

CEO Adrian Sedlin said the Santa Barbara, California-based company (which grows its cannabis in Dessert Hot Springs, Calif.) closed a $6.5 million seed round — the largest on record for a SoCal cultivator:

“We’re thrilled to have raised the largest seed round for a SoCal cultivator. “It validates the milestones we’ve already achieved, our consumer value proposition, and the team we’ve assembled. We’re grateful for the opportunity to help our consumers, shareholders and employees be their best self and become Canndescent.”

An office-wide taste test found the smoke to be exceptionally smooth and satisfying. The flavor profile is tasty and left us wanting more. Canndescent smokes great in a bowl or a joint and offers a nice even buzz, making it perfect for people with active lifestyles and adventurous souls.

By recontextualizing the cannabis experience to make it more accessible, Canndescent opens the doors to a more “precise” connoisseurship later down the line: remember, you probably didn’t know the strain breakdown on your first bag of weed either. And while not everybody knows the distinction between a kush and haze, anybody can relate to names like “Create” or “Cruise,” which appeal on a visceral level.

But at the end of the day, a cannabis company is judged by their cannabis quality, so Canndescent puts in the work to make it great.

Sedlin said the company’s use of “micro grows” — large arrays of smaller rooms — helps the company create high-quality crops.

From the Santa Barbara Independent:

“Climate-controlled micro grows provide the continuous and consistent product quality, supply, and variety necessary for us to maximize market share and curate the cannabis journey each user requires.”

The quality is high, with an emphasis on balance when it comes to the flavor profile, offering a glimpse at some of cannabis’ foundational flavors, ranging from subtle pine bite and gentle strawberry sweetness to dark, herbaceous tea and classic hash spice.

The aesthetics are beautiful, the nose is pleasant and the cure on the flowers is exceptional, with just the right balance of dry, crunchy crispness and full, juicy bud development. And the impacts are noticeable and clean, making Canndescent the perfect choice for anybody who loves cannabis.

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