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Weedmaps Brings a Weed Oasis to the Desert

Photos courtesy of WeedMaps

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Weedmaps Brings a Weed Oasis to the Desert

As 100,000 people descended on Joshua Tree for Coachella, Weedmaps was around the corner, throwing one the chicest celebrity pot parties ever.

In building the oasis, Weedmaps and Talent Resources spared no expense. A massive compound with two houses and pools was tricked out into a super sesh featuring some of the best brands SoCal has to offer.

Offerings for Coachella revelers included all the rage CO2 cartridges from Brass Knuckles, dabs from famed Millionaire Jar producers West Coast Cure, FlavRX sample and longtime SoCal heavy hitters Nameless Genetics, who’ve long produced some of the most scorching cuts in greater Los Angeles.

Over the course of the three-day biggest days of Coachella, a nonstop flow of celebs made their way through the event, including Action Bronson, The Alchemist and EDM DJ Marshmello.

Kendall Jenner and rumored boyfriend A$AP Rocky even chose to use the event for a massive PDA fest next to the West Coast Cure tent, but rumor has it she didn’t puff.

After wrapping up their sets over at the festival, D.R.A.M, Tyler The Creator, Schoolboy Q and Lil Uzi Vert made it out to the evening edition of the festivities.

On late Saturday evening, MMA’s pot poster boy Nick Diaz made it out with ADCC Champion and recent MMA convert Kron Gracie in tow.

All day pool party festivities were handled by Brass Knuckles: they brought in Secret Sesh emcee Adam Ill to keep the energy at appropriate levels. When he wasn’t lighting up pirate ship blunts, he was calling out whether he felt the levels of pot being smoked were acceptable and — of course — pointing out to the more Coachella-y folks that he was definitely way higher than them.

Despite being a CO2 company, the Brass Knuckle folks were kind enough to bring numerous boxes of Backwoods. Veteran rapper Xzibit also spent much of the weekend at the pool party and proved to be one of the most down to earth celebs in attendance.

For the actual weed at the party, Nameless Genetics brought the full carousel of their best productions from over the last few years. The spread included the well-known Mega Queso, Mega Wellness OG, Nectarine and Watermelon. They were rotating out the strains on the hour to keep things moving, but the Watermelon in particular was great party weed.

A Mega Queso x Nectarine cross, Watermelon’s lineage includes 24k from DNA Genetics and the premium Mega Wellness OG Nameless has long been known for, but definitely a bit more uplifting and cerebral than either of its parents.

Jeff from Nameless proudly told Cannabis Now, “I think we got that party lit.”

Nameless also hosted an impromptu massage session for rapper-chef, Action Bronson, where he got to experience the champion cuts first hand in an oversized joint.

The accolades were coming in on night one of the three-day long party, and as expected the Weedmaps team is pretty thrilled with how things turned out.

Weedmaps Director of Media Operations, Lance Lambert, gave Cannabis Now an exclusive interview on how they approached pulling the smokey shindig together and making it such a big hit.

“We’re super stoked on the event it’s rad,” Lambert said. “The way it turned out, we wanted it to kind of be even keel. Not too over the top, not too crazy, but just have that right energy.

To help create this energy, Weedmaps built out numerous LED lit domes. They featured everything from dab bars, livestreams from the festival and even a greenhouse filled with plants.

One of the moms in the greenhouse was the largest pot plant most of the crowd will see in their lives.

“With the domes out on the field, we definitely have a bit of a bohemian feel. That’s an influence that comes from some of us from NorCal,” Lambert said. “We just wanted it to be a bit more laid back, not so Vegas, not so SoCal over the top. We think it’s been a huge success.”

There will be more Coachella pot parties this week, but boy, is it going to be tough to top what Weedmaps was able to pull off.

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