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Celebrate the Last Night of Hanukkah With a Menorah Bong

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GRAV's orginal Menorah bong/Photo courtesy of 420 Science


Celebrate the Last Night of Hanukkah With a Menorah Bong

GRAV has re-released their legendary menorah bong with an improved design. Legendary Hanukkah festivities await.

Just as the Maccabees made one day’s worth of oil last eight miraculous nights, Hanukkah celebrations are symbolically intended to drive away the darkness with light. As the winter solstice approaches and the daily news cycle continues to churn out bad news, it appears that there’s more darkness than ever that needs fighting. What better way to cultivate light than with a high Hanukkah celebration?

There are a multitude of ways to throw a high Hanukkah party, from frying up medicated latkes to playing the dreidel game with cannabis-infused chocolate tokens and trying to make cannabis oil last through a miraculous number of dabs. The folks at GRAV, however, have created a bong that takes high Hanukkah to a whole ‘nother level.

First debuted in 2014, GRAV’s Menorah Bong is a behemoth of a glass piece, measuring over 16 inches long and made from entirely borosilicate glass. Last year, GRAV redesigned the bong into a more condensed shape, closing the gaps between the eight bowls and replacing the shamash bowl with a simple candle holder. (The shamash candle is the “helper” candle, used to light the Hanukkah candles.) This new Menorah Bong is only 14 inches long, has a heavier and wider base for improved sturdiness and can be used as a functional menorah if candles are placed in the bowls instead of cannabis — but we don’t see why anyone would clog a magnificent bong such as this one with melted wax.

In this video from 420 Science, a man lights up all eight bowls at once using a shamash candle, but we anticipate this would cause a lot of candle wax to spill over the bong and onto the table below. We recommend using a piece of hemp wick instead of a candle, packing your bowls with one of the top strains from the 2017 harvest and preparing your lungs to inhale slowly as you light all eight bowls on this last night of Hanukkah.

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