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Cannabis Users Make Better Lovers

A woman with bright pink lips exhales a hit from marijuana, which allows her to have a better sex life.

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Cannabis Users Make Better Lovers

Thanks to both the therapeutic benefits of cannabis as well as the life-enhancing and aphrodisiac properties of the plant, people of all walks of life and persuasions have turned to cannabis for medicine, recreation and sexual satisfaction.

You may already know the majority of cannabis users are productive and active members of society who enjoy the overall health benefits of choosing a plant proven safe by both science and 3,000 years of use as a wellness alternative to pharmaceutical drugs and damaging substances such as tobacco and alcohol.

But what you didn’t know about cannabis users is they make better lovers.

Cannabis users make better lovers scientifically. Several studies have suggested that the majority of people who have had or regularly have sex while using cannabis report sex as not just enhanced, but better.

In Sex Pot: The Marijuana Lover’s Guide to Gettin’ It On, author Mamakind lays out the scientific reason why it feels so good to have sex when you’re high:

“There are a few chemical reasons why the green makes you want to get it on. Cannabinoids dilate the blood vessels, for one, encouraging blood flow that in turn makes you more sensitive to touch and heat. When blood flows to your bits and pieces, well… you know what that does. Blood flow to the brain stimulates your greatest sex organ of all, encouraging sexy thoughts (increasing dopamine production, making you “feel better”) and the uninhibited acceptance of pleasure.”

Cannabis users make better lovers because they are in touch with their emotions. Marijuana use has been linked to meditation, and both practices relieve anxiety, making the marijuana user a calmer, more centered version of themselves than both their drunk and sober counterparts. With anxious distractions subdued, the stoner is able to feel with their whole body, not just their genitalia, heightening sensation and emotional experience.

Cannabis users make better lovers because cannabis use improves sexual stamina and heightens the sensation of orgasm. Dr. Shelley Narula:

“Modern users reported spiritual, emotional and psychological effects that mirrored ancient Tantric effects. They felt that intercourse was replenishing and balancing, and that orgasm was an energizing climax to sex, instead of a draining finale.”

Cannabis users make better lovers because they keep erections longer. Studies have suggested that cannabis may be a cure for erectile dysfunction.

In your experience, do cannabis users make better lovers?

By Gloria Gazm

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