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Cannabis Products, Perfect for Thanksgiving

cannabis thanksgiving products


Cannabis Products, Perfect for Thanksgiving

Top picks for THC products that pair wonderfully with a fall holiday dedicated to eating all the food. It was meant to be!

If you’re reading this article, odds are decent you’ve already discovered the value of combining Thanksgiving and cannabis. Look no further than the time-honored tradition of cutting out to hit a joint down the street while the turkey’s being carved as proof of weed’s well-established place at our Thanksgiving feasts. 

But the modern industry has upped the stakes entirely, ushering in a new generation of edibles and products seemingly tailor-made for age-appropriate enjoyment at the dinner table. Offering a veritable cornucopia of cannabis delights, the fact of the matter is that it’s never been easier to go “green” at Thanksgiving by offering some THC-infused dishes that can be both meal and entertainment.

As you prepare for this year’s Thanksgiving, here are some suggestions for what to add to your shopping list. Running the gamut from pantry staples to palate-cleansing beverages, let’s just say the options for incorporating THC into Thanksgiving have never been stronger. All products below are available in California, and you must be at least 21 to purchase.

1. Kiva’s Turkey Gravy

Arguably the signature cannabis product of the Thanksgiving season, Kiva Confections’ Turkey Gravy offers 10mg THC per individual serving/package. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because Kiva’s been holding it down with award-winning chocolates and gummies for years. Now they’ve the hit gravy, which means those interested can substitute the household edition for this scrumptious mix of cannabinoids, rosemary, thyme and oregano. 

Uplift your dinnertime chats without ever having to conspicuously disappear, only to return 20 minutes later with guiltily red eyes and no excuse. Plus, it’s delicious! Available for a limited time, Kiva’s THC Turkey Gravy packets are a “break in case of emergency” kit you won’t want to be without this Thanksgiving.

2. Cann Cranberry Sage

Another ideal option for enjoying weed with discretion comes in the form of Cann’s festively flavored Cranberry Sage social tonics. Now a major player in the emerging cannabis beverage market, Cann undoubtedly had Thanksgiving in mind when they concocted this refreshingly tart winter flavor. Featuring an entirely reasonable 2mg THC and 4mg CBD per can, you can also rest easy knowing you don’t need to stretch out the contents over several hours’ worth of sips. Grab a six-pack and toast your clever success at dosing without needing to ditch the table. Another limited edition offering, Cann’s Cranberry Sage social tonics will have you saying “cheers” in no time.

3. SelfBaked THC Butter

A proper Thanksgiving often involves the baking of many pies. Some are familiar; others remain enigmas. But one thing these creations of crust and filling have in common: butter. That’s why new California cannabis company SelfBaked is making it easier than ever to infuse THC into the Thanksgiving baked desert of your choice. The star of the show is their Liquid Diamonds Butter. Packed with 1000mg of THC, this small tub of refrigerated, pre-infused butter offers a refreshingly easy way to add cannabis to any recipe calling for the ingredient. 

Directions on SelfBaked’s packaging makes substituting to your desired dosage a breeze. Reminder: Always take care to properly label and store any infused treats you bring to a family gathering. Responsible consumption is the best consumption!

4. Potli x Aster Farms Olive Oil

Like SelfBaked, Potli is a company that specializes in infused ingredients, rather than entire edible creations. So, they offer ingredients such as infused chili oil and infused honey that can then be added to any dish of your choice. When it comes to Thanksgiving, there’s any number of plates that might call for olive oil, which is why Potli’s limited edition collaboration with Lake County’s Aster Farms is a win for minds and tastebuds alike. 

Featuring Aster’s Watermelon OG and extra virgin olive oil sourced from nearby Lake County olive orchards, this limited release has you covered with 8mg THC per serving (100mg per package). Bring a touch of NorCal with you to wherever your Thanksgiving meal takes place with this sharp-looking tin of delectable liquid gold.

5. Kikoko Herbal Teas

At some point on Thanksgiving, you may want a break from the hard stuff. Alternatively, we’re talking about a holiday in late November here. It’s cold! Whether it’s time to give your liver a rest or simply the right moment for a steamy mug of something uplifting, Kikoko Herbal Teas are a boiling kettle away from curing what ails you. Available in five varieties (Sympa-Tea, Tranquili-Tea, Creativi-Tea, Sensuali-Tea, and Positivi-Tea) as well as varying potencies, Kikoko’s line includes something for every palate. Be it their caffeinated black Creativi-Tea (10mg THC) or their far subtler chamomile valerian Tranquili-Tea (3mg THC), each blend also features minor cannabinoids, complex flavors and a reliable experience you can count on in the clutch.

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