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Cannabis-Infused Toppings, Sauces & Condiments for Thanksgiving Foods

Cannabis-Infused Toppings, Sauces & Condiments for Thanksgiving Foods
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Cannabis-Infused Toppings, Sauces & Condiments for Thanksgiving Foods

Edibles suggestions for staying baked this Thanksgiving.

In preparation for a day of celebratory eating, there are lots of people getting their menu plans together. Some people like to keep it classic with all of the staple foods and fixings of Thanksgiving while others might be mixing things up a little bit with some less expected dishes. Of course, there’s always the option of making one or two cannabis-infused dishes or going all out with a fully-loaded, cannabis-infused spread for the ages.

If you’re feeling somewhere in-between totally traditional and all-out experimental or just don’t really want to have an entire pan of baked mac and cheese that you can only eat in small increments, having something cannabis-infused that you can put on top of or mix into whatever you choose to make might be the way to go.


This is a classic recipe that can be used alone and not just in place of regular better as in ingredient in dishes. You can use a small pat of butter to add a buzz to just about anything from mashed potatoes and corn on the cob to cornbread and dinner rolls.

Strawberry Honey Canna-butter

If you’re into a little sweet/savory combination, this spread could be used to transform a dry, boring buttermilk biscuit into a sweet treat. In the following days, you can easily use it in a bowl of oatmeal once you’re sick of eating leftovers for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Whether you choose to use olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil or otherwise, you can choose how you want to use this recipe to add a special touch to your meal. You can drizzle it over a salad, pair it with balsamic vinegar and garlic for a nice dip for some bread or take a second to saute some veggies in it.

Canna Coconut Oil

Stir this infused coconut oil into a hot beverage or mix it into a single serving of your favorite hot side dish. You could also mix some into a war dessert like peach cobbler, bread pudding or anything else where it will melt right in.

Infused Simple Syrup

Although simple syrup is used most often as an ingredient in cocktails and mocktails, you can also stir some into coffee or tea or use it as a light drizzle to moisten up a dry piece of flavorless cake. Try adding 1-2 tablespoons to a glass of fruit juice mixed with tonic for a refreshing spritzer or come up with some of your own concoctions.

Salad Dressings

Make one or all three of these infused dressings that you can put on a salad like the double-seeded vinaigrette or use as a dip for chips or veggies with the classic ranch or tahini dressing.

Kief-Infused Spicy Gravy

You can ladle some of this smooth, creamy goodness onto mashed potatoes, stuffing, turkey or whatever else you want to add some moisture and flavor to on your plate. If you’re not into the heat, you can skip the spicy strain and opt for something with a more neutral flavor.


If you have a major sweet tooth, you can put some honey on top of a piece of pound cake or over a dollop of whipped cream on your pumpkin pie but you aren’t just limited to desserts. You can also use honey for some savory dishes too. Try using it as a glaze on a piece of baked ham or drizzle it over some baked brie as an appetizer.


Though this might seem like it might just work well if you’re doing a brunch-style Thanksgiving, this sauce isn’t just for poached eggs. It also tastes good on top of other things like asparagus, steak, salmon or chicken. But really, you can add whatever else you feel like adding a little flavor to.


You can keep it conventional by dipping just about anything you’d like into this delicious cheese sauce like a nice, dense bread, a piece of meat or veggies. Or you can add a dollop over some potatoes, roast beef or whatever else you think would benefit from some creamy cheese sauce on top.

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