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Buzzing in the Marijuana Industry: Travel & Culture

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Buzzing in the Marijuana Industry: Travel & Culture

The marijuana industry is the next major bubble. What used to be a shady underground industry has evolved into one of the most exciting investment opportunities in modern times. With so many companies and products out there, it can be difficult to tell who’s who. Keep a look out for these upcoming cannabis-based companies specializing in culture and travel:

Bud & Breakfast at The Adagio


Colorado is pulling in tourists like an American Amsterdam, but the rules aren’t the same. You can’t legally smoke anything in public, so you won’t be sitting on the patio of a café enjoying a toke while watching the world pass you by. Entrepreneurs are racing to find creative ways around these rules, including smoking RVs similar to food trucks, where membership fees are charged in lieu of selling marijuana.

The Adagio offers 420-friendly vacation packages, offering wake and bake samplers along with made-to-order breakfast. In addition, they offer a paid MaryJane Tour, which stops at various local dispensaries and The Dab City Radio Lounge, offering V.I.P. store access and discounts to ticketholders. The Bud & Breakfast is the best bed and breakfast option in the Rockies.



Gavin Glatting looks like your typical surfer dude, and OceanTokes is exactly what you’d expect him to sell. Glatting handpicks each individual seashell, polishes them to a smooth, glasslike finish and inserts a screen to create an artistic and useful smoking device. After puffing a bowl of herb in an OceanTokes pipe, you can hold it up to your ear and hear the ocean. It’s a high you can ride anywhere — from travelling to the Rocky Mountains all the way down to the beaches.

The Infusion Project


Artists Vincent Gordon and Sean Dietrich are on a Fear and Loathing Across America series, honoring Hunter S. Thompson, the creator of gonzo journalism. Their decision to collaborate at the Cannabis Cup led them to Denver’s Woody Creek Tavern, a favorite hangout of Thompson’s. It was here they created some of the coolest pop art of our generation.

Gordon and Dietrich’s Infusion blends pay homage to Thompson by mixing the art styles of Shel Silverstein, Matt Groening, Walt Disney and more into vivid images on canvas, wood, and other mediums. Often seen doing live art exhibits, the duo has been featured in a variety of marijuana-themed events, including Snoop Lion’s first annual 4/20 celebration in 2013.

Brian Penny is a former Business Analyst and Operations Manager at Bank of America turned whistleblower, troll, and blogger. He’s a frequent contributor to HuffPost, Main Street, and Lifehack. He documents his experiences blowing the whistle on the banks and working with Anonymous on his blog.

Have you heard about any exciting companies working on cannabis travel and culture? Tell us in the comments below!

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