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Are Cannabis Cups Obsolete? An Argument for a Championship Cup

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Are Cannabis Cups Obsolete? An Argument for a Championship Cup

Who produces the best pot? The answer is determined many times a year in many locations in a variety of different cups. As the cannabis industry evolves people are becoming somewhat exhausted with the many different cannabis cups. Many feel there is no need for them, or that they are all done for show and advertising.

“I feel cannabis cups were becoming obsolete until the birth of Instagram; since Instagram came about, ‘weedlebrities’ have been popping up all over. Basically what is happening is this, people are taking great pictures of weed, getting followers and entering cups. Their followers attend the cup to meet their online friends, and there is an instant camaraderie amongst attendees. Instagram has boosted cannabis cups 100 percent easily. It is necessary to get us all together and on the same page, a cannabis cup does just this and it is empowering to the movement,” says marijuana consultant Dr. Dina.

Cannabis cups are for show and the cost of production requires sponsors and advertising. Recreational, or medicinal, it is all still cannabis and it all gets grown. There are some growers that are better than others who should get a little recognition for their hard work and dedication. A cannabis cup is the perfect place to try and earn that recognition.

There are some who look down upon cannabis cups, and shun them as recreational pot in disguise.

To those people, I ask, what is wrong with having a good time? Also the bigger question is, what is wrong with sick people having a good time? When you get right down to it, even cancer charities host parties and get-togethers.

Sick people need recreation and companionship as well. Cannabis cups are fantastic places for people to mingle with their peers and equals. Many people who suffer serious conditions find comfort and acceptance by all when attending these venues. No one passes judgment and all are accepted at a cup, all but violence, hard drug use and perpetuating negativity.

Let’s get real here, cannabis cups are awesome, they are fun and they are not going anywhere. They are necessary for both medicinal and recreational cannabis users. There is no clear cut division between a recreational user and medicinal patient. Recreation is the second best medicine following laughter.

I argue that cannabis is the ultimate panacea falling behind nothing, because it promotes happiness, relaxation, laughter, hunger and it can be fun too.

So now that we can agree that cups are a necessary and vital part of the cannabis industry and subsequent green economy, why not make it a true competition with some serious recognition for being that year’s best grower? A championship cup of cups if you will, the winning grower would be the Big Kahuna, the Head Honcho, the Great One – the Best Grower in America.

I believe there is a need to do something about organizing all of the cannabis cups of America. There are many cups a year and the title of “cup winner” is becoming so common its value is cheapened. As soon as one cup is done, the winner fades as it is on to the next cup. Do we need to have more organization to restore the respect that used to come with winning a cup?

I propose we create a playoff format, which ends with an annual “National Cannabis Super Bowl” where the top five of each category compete. This idea would encompass all major cups everywhere, and make for a very interesting competition.

What do you think?

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