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5 Reasons Why Hemper Is the Best Subscription Box You Haven’t Tried Yet

5 Reasons Why Hemper is the Best Subscription Box You Haven’t Tried Yet
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5 Reasons Why Hemper Is the Best Subscription Box You Haven’t Tried Yet

Each month, Hemper handpicks the best products for your cannabis experience. Here are five reasons you should give them a try.

Product development, emerging trends and cutting edge innovation have stoked the embers of the legal cannabis industry unlike anything seen before.

In fact, it is predicted the market for legalized marijuana in the U.S. will be worth $146.4 billion by 2025. This rise in popularity has seen an increase in companies providing cannabis products to flood the market — good news for those who enjoy cannabis recreationally or for medicinal purposes.

One such company is Hemper, an innovative, fun and value-packed subscription box service that offers the very best selection of products from its online head shop delivered right to your door.

Here are five reasons why you should consider Hemper.

1. Hemper Has What You Need, When You Need It

We’ve all been there at some point; reaching for our favorite rolling paper only to the box is empty, or that your torch is out of fuel. There is nothing worse than running out of the things you need to light up, kick back and enjoy a good toke.

From new and innovative pipes to accessories and vaporizers, Hemper has it all. Members of Hemper’s subscription box service will be better prepared than an Eagle Scout and ready for anything. Plus, each month you’ll receive a unique discovery tool that’s perfect for veterans and beginners alike.

2. Products that Create an Experience   

Hemper believes in providing more than just exceptional products at great prices. They believe that smoking is an experience to be enjoyed, shared and appreciated. Their team has their finger on the pulse of the cannabis and smoking industry, keeping their talent scouts on the lookout for new and innovative discoveries across a broad range of categories and premium brands. They do the research, quality testing and shopping so you don’t have to.

3. Discretion and Privacy

While public perception regarding cannabis has certainly taken a turn for the better, there still exists a certain stigma. Further, privacy is a right that has been all but reduced in today’s digital age. Ever conscious of your privacy, Hemper’s subscription boxes are discreetly shipped, with no trace of any branding or clues to what’s inside.

4. Themes and Collaborations

Hemper prides themselves on curating unique and interesting subscription boxes with collabs from musicians and celebrities. Past collabs include Cypress Hill, Lil Debbie, Strain Central and Dabbing Granny.

5. Bang for Your Buck

Hemper subscription boxes are jam-packed with value. Each box contains a selection of over 10 hand-curated products, with items consistently valued at over $100 for only $29.99.

Hemper: The Superior Smoking Subscription Service

No individual’s needs and smoking habits are alike. Which is why Hemper allows you to tailor your subscription to fit your unique habits.

Hemper allows you to customize the content of your subscription box and ship with a frequency that works for you. From a fully curated collection of the latest gear and essentials shipped monthly to just what you want, when you want it, its all delivered right to your door at a steep discount from what you’d pay at the store.

Whether for your personal stash, or as a gift for the herb lover in your life, you can’t go wrong with giving the Hemper Subscription box a try.

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