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The New GHOST MV1 Portable Vaporizer Lets You Taste the Terpenes

The New GHOST MV1 Portable Vaporizer Lets You Taste the Terpenes
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The New GHOST MV1 Portable Vaporizer Lets You Taste the Terpenes

The convection heat technology of the GHOST MV1 vape allows you to experience the true taste of your bud.

The GHOST MV1 is an on-demand portable vaporizer that is easy to use and designed for use with flower and concentrates.

The unit heats and hits on demand in a matter of seconds. More impressively, it maintains a consistent temperature throughout the entire draw.

Part of what makes the device stand out from similar products on the market is the incredibly cool and flavorful vapor it produces. This is made possible with the company’s patented heat sink design, which includes two heat exchangers. The first is located at the base of the vape and heats incoming air; a secondary one at the top of the unit cools the vapor by the time it reaches your lips.

The refreshing vapor that tastes like the scent of the cannabis used. This taste-what-you-smell experience is comparable to eating a medium rare steak versus a well-done one: the flavors are enhanced when it’s not overcooked.

The MV1 uses considerably less flower, with the same or better results, than similar devices. The unit requires only 0.1 gram of herb, whereas other vapes typically hold 0.25-0.35 grams. Major perk: It is a definite money saver.

The material is loaded into a crucible, which sits in its own chamber. Both the crucible and its lid are removable, which makes filling and cleaning easy. A pad must be placed in the crucible for use with concentrates. The company even offers a dispenser that holds five pre-filled crucibles for extra convenience.

On-demand features allow you to microdose so you do not have to vape all your herb in the unit during one session. The flower or concentrate remains freshly sealed in the device, so you can take a draw, set aside, and pick it up when ready for more.

With the MV1’s true convection heat technology, super-heated air is drawn over the material, providing full and efficient extraction of the herb’s cannabinoid profile. This means you are able to get maximum flavor from the terpenes and experience the entourage effect, without wasting material through combustion as with other methods.  

The unit comes with six predetermined heat settings, ranging from 284 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit and each is signified by a LED light located on the front of the device. The MV1 also has the option to manually set custom temperatures via the GHOST App.

Five of the preset temp settings are for use with dry herb (two of which are customizable) and one is for concentrates. It’s important not to get the herb and concentrates settings mixed up, as they perform differently to cater to the material being used.

The device truly offers desktop performance in a portable package. Virtually all MV1 features can be customized with the accompanying app, available in the Apple store, or via Google Play by searching “GHOST MV1 Vaporizer.” From there, you can fine-tune settings by as little as one degree, switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius, and lock your vape for added security.

Also adjustable is the device’s mouthpiece so you can reduce or increase the resistance of each draw by shortening or extending it.

The MV1 is built with food-grade and medical-grade materials and boasts a battery that’s bigger and more powerful than most other vapes on the market. The high capacity battery when fully charged can provide anywhere from 70-80 hits, depending on usage and temperature.

The MV1’s vapor path quickly disassembles for easy cleaning and GHOST stock their own brand of 99% isopropyl cleaning wipes to keep your unit in top working condition. The exterior of the device is also worth cleaning with a soft cloth. Another useful note: Don’t keep it in a pocket with keys, as it will scratch the sleek exterior!

The MV1 comes in five different finishes: matte black stealth, nickel, rose gold, satin silver and black chrome.

Included in the box are a USB charging cable and accessories comprising a spare crucible and lid, along with cotton buds, picks and wipes to get you up running with your new MV1 device.

The GHOST MV1 retails for $295 at and can also be purchased from the new Cannabis Now Store in Los Angeles.

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