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Why New Cannabis Vapers Love the G Pen Dash

G Pen Dash
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Why New Cannabis Vapers Love the G Pen Dash

Grenco Science’s latest vaporizer innovation is an herb vape that’s so small, it can almost be concealed in the palm of your hand.

While 2020 has presented numerous challenges for companies across the globe, the year has been one of innovation and production for Grenco Science. Heralded throughout the cannabis industry for their cutting-edge vape technology in their G Pen iterations, the company has impressed again with their latest offering: The G Pen Dash.

Hot off the heels of the G Pen Roam, Grenco’s latest portable concentrate vape released earlier this year, the G Pen Dash is a return to classic, dry herb vaporizing but with cutting edge technology. 

A Small But Mighty Vaporizer

The Dash is aptly named, as it’s the perfect size for on-the-go vaporizing. Quite small compared to other herb vaporizers on the market, it stands at approximately 3.5 inches high and can rest comfortably in the palm of one’s hand – perfect for taking a discreet puff.

Unlike the smell of burned cannabis, the scent of vaporized herb only lingers for a few seconds and doesn’t permeate fabric, which is why many people have turned to vaporizers for their dry herb. If you’re new to the cannabis vape scene, the Dash is a great entry point.

Quality Features for an Entry-Level Price

Like most of the G Pen vapes, the exterior of the Dash consists of a light, yet durable classic-black aluminum alloy shell. This encloses a glass glazed stainless steel heating chamber that features three different temperature settings. To make things easy, there are three corresponding LED lights with different colors for each setting.

Air intake holes are located on the front and back of the vape, and a micro-USB port is found at the bottom to support pass-through charging.

A complaint that many enthusiasts have about flower vapes is that the vaporizer usually heats up so much that it can burn their fingers or lips if used for too long. The Dash has a special insert called a Helix that is engineered to cool down the vapor and prevent the vape from overheating.

Many flower vaporizers with these features can run upwards of a few hundred dollars, but the Dash comes in at $69.95, making it perfect for the first-time user who has been hesitant to take the plunge into vaping cannabis due to the hefty price tag.     

G pen Dash

How to Use the Dash

Another reason the Dash is great for newbies is that it’s extremely intuitive and easy to use.

1. Pack 

Its magnetically attached mouthpiece pops off, revealing the chamber, which can hold a little less than a quarter of a gram and shouldn’t be packed too tightly.

2. Heat

Attach the mouthpiece back to the device and press the power button five times (as is common with vapes), and the heating process will begin. To select your ideal temperature, hit the button three times, and once that temperature is reached, the Dash will vibrate to let you know.

3. Enjoy

Pull slowly and inhale deeply for a smooth vape experience.

Bonus Features at a Bonus Price:

In order to maximize the battery life, the Dash automatically turns off if left idle. Grenco incorporated this innovative auto shut-off technology combined with the haptic feedback, or vibration feature, to make vaping easy for beginners. And with the affordable price point, the Dash is hard to beat when comparing it to other flower vaporizers on the market.

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