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Where to Celebrate 420 Across America This Year

Where to Party on 420 This Year
Photo Gracie Malley for Cannabis Now

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Where to Celebrate 420 Across America This Year

420 has arrived and it’s time to celebrate properly. Here’s our list of where to celebrate 420 in Denver, Seattle, Boston, D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oakland.

We’ve got a list of events from coast to coast sure to spark maximum adventure and cloudy fun this holiday weekend. Some of these events take place at the latest and greatest places to smoke pot legally with your homies. Others are classic spots from cannabis history, infused with energy from the victories activists and advocates have accomplished in ten states.

While we can’t promise the pot will be equally great everywhere, the vibes certainly will. At its heart, 420 is a day for like-minded people that enjoy the company of others and cannabis. Ever since the Waldos had their first rendezvous in San Rafael, California, 420 has always been about the person-to-person experience.

So this list is all about connecting. Grab some friends, a pack of backwoods, jump in a taxi and head to one of these various ragers in cities with adult-use cannabis laws around the country.

Denver Could Seal 13,000 Past Pot Convictions
Denver’s 420 rally in 2014. Photo Gracie Malley for Cannabis Now.

Denver — Mile High 420 Festival

Denver has a plethora of options for enjoying the holiday, but it looks like Mile High 420 Festival at Civic Center Park looks like it will be a great time. The event will run from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. free of charge. A bunch of Colorado performers are on the bill, with T.I. headlining the main event. That being said, security will be pretty tight and no backpacks will be allowed. All the Europeans there will finally understand why Americans wear cargo shorts when they see you pull two ounces out of each pocket.

Seattle — 420Fest Seattle Hempfest

There is a ton of stuff do this weekend in Seattle, and the folks at the Seattle weekly The Stranger were kind enough to put together a list of 52 options. The list includes events like a live Cheech & Chong show and a bunch of parties, but our pick is definitely 420Fest — hosted by the good folks that put on Seattle Hempfest, the nation’s largest cannabis rally. The event serves as their main membership drive of the year and is generally a great time. If you want to support the cause, or even help them throw Hempfest later this year, head on down.

Boston — Boston Common

America’s oldest public common has traditionally hosted the nation’s second largest activism-inspired rally in support of changing cannabis laws in late September every year. The Boston Freedom Rally is hosted by Massachusetts’s NORML chapter MassCann at the Boston Common, but the real heads get out there for 420, too. You will find them at the top of the hill at the memorial bench dedicated to the late local cannabis activist Michael Malta.

DC National Cannabis Festival Cannabis Now
The National Cannabis Festival in 2018. Photo Courtesy National Cannabis Festival.

Washington, D.C. — National Cannabis Festival

Despite Congress continuing to create roadblocks for our capital’s adult-use market, the National Cannabis Festival is back for its fourth incarnation. The current level of access to cannabis in D.C. is rough, but there is still some good pot inside the beltway. If you score some, head to the Festival Grounds at RFK Stadium to enjoy Ludacris, Action Bronson, DJ Biz Markie, Backyard Band and more. Try and get a picture with an elected official and tag us on Instagram.

Los Angeles — Kushstock 7

LA is a bit of a wasteland for pot parties that aren’t an underground black market sesh. However, pretty soon, West Hollywood will be loaded with 16 pot lounges, so next year we’ll likely recommend touring their events one by one. But that time hasn’t come yet, so this year, we’re recommending you and the squad load up for a trip to the pot-friendly town of Adelanto for Kushstock 7. Not only will you be puffing tough with your buds, but you’ll be helping an old prison town transition to a new industry.

San Francisco’s Hippie Hill in 2016. Photo Gracie Malley for Cannabis Now.

San Francisco — Hippie Hill

The gathering at Hippie Hill in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park is the closest major 420 celebration to the holiday’s ancestral home in San Rafael. In the years since California legalized adult-use cannabis, the event has gotten less chaotic and is now fairly well done — as the city figured it probably made sense to let someone take responsibility for the day’s planning and logistics. You can also spend the day taking a tour of San Francisco’s numerous lounges, but expect them to be packed. At 4:20 pm, the Waldos will be at the Vapor Room doing a meet and greet!

Oakland — Flyt Lounge

Starting on 420, Oakland will be opening a new combustion-friendly pot lounge, which is awesome because vapor pen parties are just not as much fun. Flyt Lounge, attached to a delivery service with the same name, will have its grand opening to coincide with the holiday. Expect a ton of brand reps throughout the day, food and official opening ceremonies. With the lounge, they hope to employ a “try before you buy” mentality.

TELL US, what 420 events are you attending this year?

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