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Warfighter Hemp Launches CDC-Grade Antiseptic Sanitizer With CBD

Antiseptic Sanitizer With CBD
Photos courtesy of Warfighter Hemp


Warfighter Hemp Launches CDC-Grade Antiseptic Sanitizer With CBD

Warfighter Hemp will donate an antiseptic sanitizer with CBD to frontline persons leading the battle against the Coronavirus with every purchase.

According to the Center for Disease Control, thoroughly washing your hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds is the most effective way to help slow and prevent the spreading of viruses, including COVID-19. However, sometimes it isn’t so easy to get to the sink, like when you’re at the grocery store or running errands. In these instances, the CDC recommends the use of ethyl-based hand sanitizer with a minimum 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol as an effective way to kill germs and boost your hand hygiene when you do not have access to soap and water.

Warfighter Hemp recently launched a CDC-grade antiseptic sanitizer gel and spray with CBD to help combat coronavirus and protect the most vulnerable in our society.

The Colorado-based manufacturer was founded by Lt. Col. (ret) Steve Danyluk (USMC) and is run by veterans and non-veterans alike. The company’s mission is to make high-quality CBD products (derived from industrial hemp) to veterans, providing holistic and natural alternatives to prescription painkillers that contribute to the devastatingly high number of veteran suicides.

Danyluk went in search of the recommended sanitizers when COVID-19 began making headlines and was concerned by the lack of stock and inflated prices.

Armed with the knowledge that Warfighter Hemp uses organic ethyl in the extraction process when separating CBD from industrial hemp, Danyluk and his business partner, Chief Operating Officer Henry Strazza, quickly put their abundant byproduct to good use.

“Knowing that sanitizer is in high demand but limited supply, we quickly worked a plan to offer our CBD sanitizer lotion for those who need it most — our nations veterans in the VA Healthcare system,” said Strazza.

For every sale of Warfighter Hemp Antiseptic Sanitizer gel or spray, a bottle will be donated to first responders, hospital workers and other frontline persons who are leading the battle against coronavirus. These donations will be sent by the case to those entities who have pre-registered here

The 4oz CBD Antiseptic Sanitizer Spray contains 400mg CBD distillate, 80% ethyl alcohol, glycerin, water, lavender oil and hydrogen peroxide.

The 8oz CBD Antiseptic Sanitizer Gel pump contains 800 mg CBD distillate, 80% ethyl alcohol, glycerin, aloe gel, water, lavender oil, and hydrogen peroxide.

According to its website, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is the largest integrated health care system in the United States, providing care to over nine million veterans. The average age of veterans is 58 — many with underlying health issues — making this one of the most vulnerable demographics to the virus.

“By giving this product away for free to veterans, we are definitely taking a financial hit. However, if it prevents the death or severe illness of just one veteran, then it is the right thing for Warfighter Hemp to do,” said Danyluk, who created Warfighter Hemp to offer alternative solutions for veterans struggling with PTSD and chronic pain.

Veterans, first responders and their caregivers can also register for a 50% discount across all Warfighter Hemp products.

Buy one, gift one. In these unsettling times, it feels good to give back to those who risk their lives for public safety.

TELL US, what are you doing to help those less fortunate during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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