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NUG Grows Cannabis & Communities

NUG Premium Jack
NUG's award-winning Premium Jack. Photos courtesy of NUG


NUG Grows Cannabis & Communities

From vertical integration to award-winning cultivars, it’s easy to see why NUG are pioneers and innovators in the Californian cannabis scene.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, competition to innovate and stand out from the pack has never been more crucial for survival. Cannabis companies that flex cutting-edge ideas, products and services are finding themselves as leaders within the industry, while simultaneously growing amazing cannabis and changing the public perception of the plant. One such company is Oakland-based NUG, Inc., a premier, state-licensed company on a mission to normalize the cannabis experience while playing a key role in supporting communities most impacted by prohibition.

It’s not hard to see why the company is considered one of the fastest-growing cannabis brands in California. Founded in 2014, NUG are pioneers and innovators in the space. Their ongoing commitment to equity and community involvement to help normalize cannabis’ place in society is as important to them as their reputation for developing an industry-wide standard for handcrafted cannabis cultivation and manufacturing technology in line with California’s strict compliance codes.

Inside one of NUG’s grow rooms

NUG Grows Cannabis

NUG’s vertical integration business model allows them to assert control across every facet of the company. World-class facilities in Oakland house the company’s trailblazing R&D, while industry-leading technology combined with state-of-the-art cultivation, extraction and distillation facilities has allowed the company to consistently scale up production and stock their retail destinations via their distribution arm.

A proprietary track and trace system follows the life of a plant from clone to product. This seed to sale view allows NUG to better meet their consumer’s needs and provide more detailed information on their extensive product line. The line features award-winning flower including Premium Jack, which took home the coveted “Best Flower” award at the 2012 High Times Cup, concentrates, vape carts, pre-rolls and edibles. Their recently released freezer pops demonstrate the brand’s continued advancement of innovative cannabis consumables.

NUG Grows Communities

NUG has two retail destinations; NUG Sacramento that stocks the brand’s portfolio of award-winning products including concentrates, edibles, flowers and pre-rolls and NUG Wellness San Leandro, which features a sectioned-off, dedicated Wellness Center offering CBD products from top brands including Papa & Barkley, as well as, topicals, tinctures and pet products.

“Combining NUG’s commitment to create premier cannabis retail stores with our company mission of normalizing the cannabis experience, the new NUG dispensaries serve as a showcase for ‘best of the best cannabis’ grown and products manufactured in California,” said Dr. John Oram, founder and CEO.

“Equally important, the dispensary functions as an oasis for adult patients and consumers alike to feel comfortable, safe and knowledgeable before making a purchase,” he continues. “We are thrilled to make our mark in Sacramento, which will set the stage for four additional retail stores scheduled to open in California.”

NUG’s third retail store is planned to open in 2020 in collaboration with equity partners in downtown Oakland.

Cutting the ribbon at the NUG Equity Partner Greenhouses opening

NUG Grows Change

Being based in Oakland gives NUG a unique position to empower members of the cannabis community and help motivate and embrace cannabis normalization, helping to showcase the positive effects cannabis can have on local communities. NUG were early adopters of the Oakland Equity Program that works to reverse the damage inflicted on communities throughout the United States as a result of the War on Drugs.

From patented cutting-edge technology to award-winning branded products and dedication to equity and community involvement, NUG is helping grow cannabis.

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