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Video: The Rise of Cannabis Social Clubs

Photo by Prensa420


Video: The Rise of Cannabis Social Clubs

The European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies (ENCOD) has been promoting cannabis social clubs throughout Europe since 2006 and since then scores of them have been popping up in countries like Spain and Belgium. Even places like London, France and Slovenia experimented with cannabis collectives. It hasn’t been an easy road balancing the grey area of legality, though, and some cities dealt with closures due to unclear regulations.

This video offers a glimpse into the world of cannabis collectives through conversations with social club patrons and owners, advocates, lawyers and members from ENCOD. For many, they see these community-based, non-profit associations as a way to independently produce, access and distribute cannabis within the closed circuit of their organizations. The focus is on supplying enough for each member’s personal use, while exercising their rights at citizens.

It’s an interesting look at how places all over the world are finding ways to make peace with cannabis.

Interested the model? Learn more about how to open a cannabis social club in Europe.

Are you a member of a cannabis social club? Share your experience in the comments.

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