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CannaCamp Forced to Find New Location for Ranch Resort

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CannaCamp Forced to Find New Location for Ranch Resort

Imagine a beautiful ranch resort in the middle of the Colorado mountains, filled with scenic views, five-star dining options, beautiful living accommodations and plenty of nature-friendly activities to enjoy with your close friends and family members. Now, picture yourself smoking as much cannabis as you wanted right in the middle of all the natural beauty. For people hoping to make fantasies a reality,  CannaCamp appeared to be the place they had have been searching for all along.

The newly announced marijuana-friendly, adults-only resort just may have been the answer to many weed-enthusiasts and outdoor lovers’ dreams. The camp boasted a plethora of activities, including watersports, hiking, cannabis cooking classes, marijuana education classes, meditation sessions and even cannabis-infused massages.

Though the resort would not provide its customers with any marijuana, as this would be a violation of Colorado’s state marijuana laws, guests would be permitted to bring their own bud and smoke it outside of their cabins. The guests would pay $395 per night, with a minimum stay of three nights at the resort.

News about the resort spread far and wide very quickly. It even made international news, with outlets reporting its opening in England and even Australia. The exposure that CannaCamp received caught many like-minded, marijuana enthusiasts’ attention and the company soon had a good number of reservations for the grand opening.

However, the Mary Jane Group, the management group behind the implementation of the camp, may have jumped the gun a bit when they made the announcement in early June that they would be opening their facility by the beginning of July. The group planned for the pot-friendly resort to be located at the Wilderness Trails Ranch, a beautiful 170-acre patch of wilderness in Bayfield, Colorado, where guests would be able to explore and enjoy the comfort of the atmosphere mixed with their love for marijuana.

The Mary Jane Group made a joint venture with Vanessa Roberts, a resident of the area whose in-laws had owned the coveted ranch property for the last 45 years, and had convinced them to allow the camp to use the property for its activities.

According to reports, the Mary Jane Group made a bit of a mistake when they failed to realize that a little less than a month before making their announcement the ranch was sold to another property owner. Unfortunately, they had not yet gotten a solid agreement over whether they would be allowed to purchase the land for their resort. Now the group is trying to find a new location and open its resort in order to please the growing number of marijuana enthusiasts interested in staying there.

Roberts claimed that the preemptive announcement was made because of the increasing interest in the resort.

“It was clear that we needed to move a lot quicker than we were anticipating, which is a good challenge to have,” Roberts explained to the Herald. “I would not call that a problem.”

After it was revealed that the resort would not be opening at the Wilderness Trail Ranch location, the Mary Jane Group took a bit of a hit financially, with its stock declining over eight percent at the end of the July 1 trading day. But the management group does not seem to be too worried about the bad news.

“In hindsight, this pivot is going to ultimately be very successful for us,” explains Joel Schneider, the chief executive of the Mary Jane Group.

The Mary Jane Group is reportedly looking at two other locations in the Southwest Colorado area, but is planning to stay in the Durango region due to its excellent potential for marijuana tourism. As the company searches for a new location, they are still taking reservations for when the CannaCamp finally does open.

And for those who had already made reservations to attend in the beginning of July, the Mary Jane Group has announced that they will be honoring those reservations at any of its pot-friendly bed-and-breakfast resorts, located in Denver, Silverthorne and Colorado Springs. The Mary Jane Group is expecting to be able to open the resort as soon as they can, but it is currently projected that they will be fully operational by summer of next year.

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