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Veterans Deserve Medical Marijuana

A soldiers salutes a higher up as he leaves service.
Photo courtesy of 807th Medical Command

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Veterans Deserve Medical Marijuana

As federal patients, Veterans are being prescribed extremely addictive pharmaceuticals linked to widespread death across the country. Despite this fact, these pills remain at a lower classification within the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) than cannabis.

Cannabis has helped many people suffering from debilitating conditions such as PTSD, cancer, chronic pain, addiction withdrawal and has statistically lowered the suicide rate in states where it is “legal.” In addition, a scientific study recently published, “found that the use of prescription drugs for which marijuana could serve as a clinical alternative fell significantly. Yet, it continues to be banned.”

Veterans Health Administration (VA) primary care teams should be educated on how to best implement cannabis into a veterans treatment plan. When a patient is a legal medical cannabis card holder as well as a veteran, they should be afforded the freedom to use cannabis within the VA system as a recognized medical alternative to psychiatric drugs without any discrimination or unjust actions against them. If the federal government can provide cannabis to federally exempt patients on a monthly basis, they can supply the veterans who have fought this country’s wars.

Did you know the U.S. Government provides free cannabis to federal patients on a monthly basis? That’s right, it’s true.

The Compassionate Investigational New Drug (IND) program began in the 1970s after Robert and Alice O’Leary Randall were charged with violating the CSA when police discovered a number of marijuana plants were seized from their Washington D.C. residence. Eventually they successfully won the case, proving medical necessity. Robert became Patient Zero. After successfully negotiating our legal system, they then moved on to assist other patients who required immediate, safe, consistent access and compassionate care.

We know cannabis alleviates much of the suffering experienced by our veterans. Many report it has helped them live a more productive life, including myself. The testimonials of men and women who have benefited greatly from this plant are readily available in large and ever growing numbers.

Veterans can’t access this healing herb, but civilians can? We know the federal IND patients have been receiving cannabis paid for by taxpayer dollars. Likewise, veterans receive taxpayer funded health care at little to no cost to them. We’re denied access to cannabis because politicians and the Veterans Health Administration keep telling us it isn’t medicine, when clearly that is not the case.

The National Institutes of Health know cannabis is medicine. They’ve researched it for decades. They’ve lost in court to patients who refused to be pushed around. They’ve supplied federal patients pre-rolled, through the mail, whole plant cannabis to “special” patients every month, for over 40 years. They’ve patented isolated compounds as neuroprotectants and antioxidants. Simply put, they’ve denied us our basic human right to use cannabis.

They’ve never stopped to ask themselves why, or what’s more frightening, they know but just don’t care. Either way, there’s no excuse for veterans being denied access to this natural herb.

Do you agree? Should veterans be able to treat themselves with medical marijuana.



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  3. Hemp Cannabis Solo

    August 30, 2016 at 12:16 am

    Over 750 Vets commit suicide a month in this still great country. In those states where weed has been wisely approved by a educated well informed populace, (25 at last count) the suicide rate is cut in half.Please get involved goto “” ten follow your heart

  4. John D

    August 29, 2016 at 6:19 pm

    This is somewhat misleading. I’m a 100% disabled vet. My medicine cabinet looks like a pharmacy. Yet, after I was medically retired from active duty and began treatment at my local VA, it was them that actually pointed me in the direction of medical MJ. They went so far as to print off various paperwork explaining medical MJ, and told me where the closest dispensary was. I live in a state that has medical MJ, and while my VA docs could not sign my application, they still directed me on how I could get my medical MJ card. They know I have medical MJ, and have not taken any steps towards penalizing me for it. Technically they are not supposed to discuss it with me, and legally could not prescribe it. But, at least for me, they seemed much more reasonable then some stories I’ve seen.
    Would I prefer the VA had a standardized approach to dealing with MJ, and even provide it? Absolutely. But, until that happens, I will just continue to go out of pocket for my meds.

    • Robert

      September 6, 2016 at 6:55 am

      John D. Please find me on Facebook…Robert Kowalski…..I’m curious to know what state you are located in….I have had both good and bad experiences with the VA system just nothing like yours….

  5. Manuel Davis

    August 25, 2016 at 7:20 am

    Great news for veterans, now what the government needs to do is to change the way veterans are compensated for child care benefits owed in back payments/awards pending benefits.

  6. Edward.j Schleicher jr

    August 6, 2016 at 9:07 am

    I had been on heavy opioids for over 25 years.then for no reason took me talk about creating a monster. I couldn’t get treatment until i had a clean piss test.i lost all those years being in a they had me sign a opioids contract.give me a 62 years i signed it when the amount they put me on did no good i took matters in my. Own hands i smoked a dobbie.well u would think i killed was no more opioids untill i give a +.well i now take canibuis daily and i still have pain problems but not so bad and if i mis. A dose i don’t have withdrawal so please VA get on board so i can finish my life pain free, .

  7. Maria Celia Hernandez

    August 6, 2016 at 12:21 am

    I believe , With due respect, that these men has given many their lives , part of their body, and other their emotional, or problems with their brain . Been years in a war , coming home hurt many not able to move not even able to think.They have been stuck in their home, hospital and away because there is nothing they can do against a terrible chronic pain. Using drugs that has second problems added . When this plant has nothing that can hurt their health ; But helping them to relax, able to do possibly some move or take care of their own selves ,Without been years accumulating toxic residues in their blood and body. Loosing interest for their care daily personal cleaning habits that they should never loose . if they can move.But because of the strong dose of drugs they can not do what they could had been doing if only the medication would help them and not put them to sleep.That in some cases they get cancer, weather in the brain or in some other part of the body or blood.This men want and need support not block a little progress that has not been tested with them. Testing this product will all of the veterans that accept the tests should be qualified not because the believe this new medical beneficial and trusted medication for some it is not helpful but a waist of time and the possibility a waist of money. When in reality, This is a product that can grow in masses any where , And that do help in medical financial assistance,It is to believe that it is the lowest inexpensive medication that can help the government manage and be able to prescribe without spending so much capital like it is spend yearly on drugs been used that are harmful to the pocked and to the patient , or to those that are trap in their home health ;While the Pharmaceuticals Corporate sell it more costly when they decide to higher the cost to get more profits and gains. The Government won’t loose but gain back more than the medicine that hurts the person. That in this case , the person it is risking to get sicker and possibly get a disease from the toxins and mixed products that many are allergic and they still get pushed to use the product thinking that the allergy will go away that it just need time to adjust to the body.And years later the person start feeling some problem.That possibly at that time is to late. I believe that because this is a natural plant it can be ministered to a point where it can be used in high or low dosage . become more be manageable without any problem by the doctor or the patient. Depending on how the pain reacts to the medication given..These men deserve a better medication that do not hurt their body with any toxins. Clean material approved by the USDA and that can be manage better without been scare that something may happen, Would be better for them.But first this product should be tested on them and watch the reaction mental and body movement and other things that it may help them be a little more active .When people take medication for pain it is not for many to just feel nice ,No many take the medication to take the chance to be able to move to help them walk, take care of the things many want and prefers to manage them selves daily. It is unjust that doctors knowing that he plant it is a safer way to help the soldiers and civil patients who have horrible chronic pain be left suffering for any other thing that has nothing to do with their betterment.
    How more clear can it be put , than this Veterans Health Administration (VA) primary care teams should be educated on how to best implement cannabis into a veterans treatment plan. And check how this cannabis is really working on them. We hope that the Veteran Administration and the doctors do talk more so more understanding and results can be seen in the treatment for these Great men Heroes who deserve ti be listened and help the best and safest way possible .and more important cutting the toxic in their medication. So their bodies can appreciate the nutrition and if any Vitamins .Many people who take many different can not take vitamins and that does not help them get stronger and healthier.
    US Veteran Administration ,Please work more with these soldiers and do the best to help them, not let them get worst .Thank you. for your time and possibly understanding on these views..
    Thank you.
    Maria Celia Hernandez 8-6-2016

  8. Samuel Wenger

    August 5, 2016 at 9:53 pm

    I have used this plant (imagine that, a plant!) for almost 3 years to treat my chronic foot pain. It is amazing and I am not a “stoner” as the image may be since this herb has been demonized by the pharmaceutical companies and all of the other corruption in this country. Pills kill. Cannabis never kills and really, really helps.

  9. Kevin Hall

    August 3, 2016 at 6:56 pm

    I’m a Veteran and I believe we should I used it to treat PTSD for Five years then the VA gave me the choice of quitting or losing my benefits now they have me on several more medications which doesn’t really work. I served a country that now that I’m out could give a shit less about me hopefully it becomes federal before it’s too late because these meds give me bad thoughts and I haven’t slept more the 4 hours at a time since I stopped using Marijuana.

  10. Harry J LYONS

    August 3, 2016 at 5:39 pm

    as a veteran that proudly served in VietNam that would be a big relief instead the pills with all those horrible side effects that does more harm that good to the one it would help it would be greatly appreciated being able to consume something that would be benefical HELP

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