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Uruguay Lawmakers Vote to Legalize Marijuana

A rally of people parade down a Uruguayan road with signs calling for legalization of marijuana.

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Uruguay Lawmakers Vote to Legalize Marijuana

RIO DE JANEIRO -The lower house of Uruguay’s parliament has approved a bill to legalize cannabis spearheaded by the ruling Broad Front coalition headed by President Jose Mujica. The vote was 50 to 46.

Mujica, who has said that he has never tried marijuana, had pushed strongly for the proposal despite heavy public opposition. Far from an endorsement of the use of the drug, the law has instead been described as a more effective alternative to limit abuse and violence attendant with the current cannabis distribution market. Under the proposed bill, the Uruguayan government would control the majority of the drug’s distribution, fixing prices and placing a monthly cap on purchases to discourage abuse. But the bill would also allow small collectives of no more than six people to grow and informally share the herb. To discourage any international reputation as a “marijuana tourism” country, the bill would allow only Uruguayan citizens to purchase the drug.


Today’s vote represented the only significant hurdle left to the bill, which is now virtually assured to pass given a strong Broad Front majority in the country’s Senate and the unflagging support of President Mujica. If it does, then the South American nation of 4 million will become the first country to first sign and then blatantly contravene the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotics, which first went into effect in 1961 and requires all signatories to maintain legislation prohibiting intoxicational strains of cannabis. While the UN technically has the authority to levy sanctions and other punitive measures against regimes which spurn international treaties, it remains unclear what if any action the international body will take in response to such an unprecedented step.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tom

    December 4, 2013 at 7:26 am

    o.k it sounds a little extreme, but its true! I started smoking when i was extremely young. around cousins friends you know people that did it too and i had easy acces to it. I smoked for around 13 years, heavy too! then realized i was bored with it, it cost alot, and i just decided to stop. And stoped i did for around 12 years. Then 3 years ago i started having a lot of problems balancing, griping things, and lots of unexplained pain. To make a long story short i have muscular dystrophy, not a fatal form that attacks the brain, but one that atacks the nerves in my body and dries them up, then the muscles deteriate becouse of none movement. Constant pain was my life for 2 years, sleeping only 1 to 2 hours a night. Blood presure slowly climbing each month, lost of appetite, quite frankly i was just pissed off and hurt 24/7. And for anyone thinking why didnt he use opiates, like codiene, vicodene. They dont work for a person with my disease, nothing they gave me did. Finally the doctors said just come back every 6 months and will keep track of how your progressing! thats it nothing else can be done! so one day as i was sitting in a foot doctors office waiting to be worked on i picked up a magazine, wont say name of it in case i cant. but saw an article on a spray that manufacters want to make that is made out of canibas extract, it affects pain receptors in the brain that opiates do not! allso said that alot of ms. patients in europe have recieved fantastic results from the product on blocking there pain!
    so i research more about it.

    since i no longer am around the people i used to do it with. I know no one to help me, luckily i still new one old friend and i call him to score me some to try, beleave me it wasnt a fast thing, i researched for 3 months before i broke down and called the friend. It was a miracle,took two puffs, got extremely high! and the pain was gone for around 3 hours. And i mean 100% gone no pain at all!!! i slept that night for 7 hours and every since i sleep great, my eating has gotten better, and no pain. Im still limited on getting around becouse of the muscles, but im not pissed off anymore im not in pain 24/7 anymore, and i can sleep and get my rest, and guess what my blood pressure came down to a perfect level know! I”m a legal marijuana user holding 2 cards so far, and it was all thanks to the computer! i find all my information hear! the 420 lounge has been the best site so far as to helping with all the knowledge i need to know ! from making water hash { by the way Thankyou for that one! i will post another story on that one some other time!} which helps the best and longest for my needs. to just general info that a person needs when he no longer knows people that use. SO TO PUT IT SIMPLY MARIJUANA SAVED MY LIFE!

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