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The Solventless Rosin Revolution

TRP Stack Solventless Rosin
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The Solventless Rosin Revolution

Triminator’s new TRP Stack Commercial Rosin Press produces high-quality solventless rosin at scale.

Cannabis extracts have grown from a niche market to big business. Almost 29% of marijuana consumers say they’ve used concentrates in 2022, up from around 22% two years ago, according to cannabis industry analytics firm Brightfield Group. It’s predicted that the global cannabis concentrate market will reach approximately $18.5 billion by 2030. In other words, there’s never been a better time to add lucrative extracts to your product lineup. Investing in a Triminator TRP Stack Commercial Rosin Press, one of the best commercial rosin presses on the market, is an intelligent move for budding cannabis entrepreneurs and existing companies looking to scale up.

The state-of-the-art press is the first of its kind to use three layered platens, creating two pressing surfaces for twice the processing capability, making the TRP Stack faster and more productive than other solventless extraction devices on the market. It’s also the machine of choice of the 2019 Emerald Cup Extracts category winner, Byrd Extracts Co.

TRP Stack Solventless Rosin
The TRP Stack’s unique multi-platen system.

Solventless Rosin 101

Solventless rosin is one of the most popular forms of cannabis concentrates. The technology for solventless extraction has evolved in response to consumer demands and manufacturing requirements. During the extraction stage, heat and pressure separate and preserve the cannabinoids and terpene-laden trichomes from the plant instead of using chemical solvents such as ethanol, propane or butane. The resulting extract delivers a clean, pure and potent experience that maintains the cultivar’s unique taste and aroma profiles.

“Knowing the benefits of solventless extractions and the potential market for them, we knew there was a demand for a new rosin press that not only could process more material but one that could process it efficiently,” said Reed Preston, Triminator’s special projects manager. 

The versatility of solventless rosin makes it a highly profitable product as well. It can be used in vape pen cartridges, packed in a bowl, added to joints, used in edibles, and infused into topicals. 

Reasons to Choose the Triminator TRP Stack

Engineered to provide simplicity in high-volume solventless extraction, the TRP Stack was built for production scalability. Using powerful innovation and patented technology, it produces more rosin quicker and more consistently for more significant outputs and a quick return on your investment.

The TRP Stack is easy to clean.

Unique Multi-Platen System

“One of the biggest differences between the TRP Stack and other rosin presses is our three-plate system,” Preston says. “It allows you to press up to and over a quarter pound of hash per press.” 

The multiple food-grade aluminum platens in the TRP Stack are significantly bigger than competitors, measuring 6 inches wide by 10 inches long, providing a greater surface area for pressing. The vertically stacked platens allow for twice the pressing area and deliver the same consistent pressure. 

Temperature Precision

Heat is one of the primary elements needed to produce quality extracts. By pressing rosin at a higher pressure and lower temperatures, you can ensure that those important terpenes and trichomes are preserved. 

A combination of the patented multi-platen system and a powerful 25 Ton BVA hydraulic cylinder allows the TRP Stack to create the highest-quality rosin at the coolest temperatures, producing clean and flavorful extracts. Additionally, you can select the specific temperature preference for each platen using the individual PID temperature control for precise, repeatable performance.


Because producing solventless rosin is straightforward, cultivators can reproduce the same process every time. This means you can expect consistent yields and results, which helps build brand loyalty with your customers who also want the same high-quality product every single time.

TRP Stack Solventless Rosin
Create award-winning extracts.

Easy Pivot Drip Tech System

The patented Easy Pivot™ drip tech system of the TRP Stack tilts the machine’s pressing surfaces vertically, allowing the extract to pour off onto a cool surface below for extra terpene preservation.

“Our tilt system helps with directional flow processing and also helps with keeping your work area clean,” Preston says.

Triminator started in Northern California with a commercial scale trimming machine. Now an industry leader, the brand provides a range of high-quality machines to automate every step of cannabis processing. All of the Triminator’s design and manufacturing is carried out in-house, so you can be confident in the quality of your investment. Additionally, all touchpoints are made from food-grade materials, keeping your extracts free from harmful chemicals and contamination.

As their website states, “We continue to engineer harvest solutions based on feedback from our friends in the farming community; to help growers increase productivity and profitability in the rapidly evolving cannabis market.”

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