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Strain Review: Montana OG Kush

Beautiful flower shot of Montana OG Kush
Photo by Gabriel S. Perry

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Strain Review: Montana OG Kush

Nestled in a grow room alongside others, a rogue cannabis plant rises to the top. Originating from a solid True OG clone, the Montana OG Kush drips with resinous trichomes. It’s crystalline and bright green with a distinctive putrid flower musk that tickles the nose and tastes divine.

Once heavily guarded by growers, OG Kush has exploded into the cannabis marketplace and taken on many forms. While it’s generally agreed that the OG Kush lineage traces back to Chemdawg, OG lineages can be found in many strains including Tahoe OG, San Fernando Valley OG, Larry OG and True OG.

The genotype, a genetic make-up of the cannabis plant, acts as a blueprint for the plant’s growth. However, it’s the growing conditions that cannabis pulls from its environment that make up the plant’s phenotype – a factor which produces varied results in areas such as a strain’s taste, smell or color. OG Kush has many different phenotypes, thus it appears in many different forms. The degree of separation between the OG Kush strains is small and, even for the most experienced cannabis connoisseurs, its subtleties can be as hard to track as identifying the differences between three sisters in the same family.

The Montana OG Kush is a heavy yielder with THC content coming in at over 24 percent. The strain is spicy and rank, but contains more of a hashy taste versus the sweetness of a Diesel.

While the Montana OG Kush is a hybrid, it lies more on the indica side. Heavy, everyday smokers will pick out the strain’s sativa qualities, but those without a high tolerance will likely be thoroughly medicated when sampling this hard-hitting strain. The Montana OG Kush has an indoor flowering time of nine weeks to finish and grows tall, with fat indica-like leaves and branches as thick as baseball bats.

OG Kush, in name and origin, is the stuff of legends. The only way to truly know the many subtleties of this prolific strain is to experience the OG, time and time again.

Originally published in issue 12 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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