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Strain Review: Dutch Treat

photo courtesy Elemental Wellness


Strain Review: Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat is a multiple award-winning hybrid that, in spite of its name, actually originated in the isles of British Columbia. The strain was created by Jordan of the Islands, the breeder who is also known for the award-winning God Bud and Blue Hawaiian strains, but was subsequently released by East Island Seeds. Although the East Island cut leans heavily toward indica, the original Dutch Treat, whose genetics are a mystery, reportedly were equal-parts sativa and indica.

Dutch Treat features small- to medium-sized nugs that are dense, resinous and potent. Its respectable THC content generally hovers in the 16-18 percent range, though some phenos have been known to break the 20 percent mark.

The smell: On the live plant, Dutch Treat has a dank, pungent aroma. Grind it up and bask in enduring pine and lemon citrus strongly reminiscent of Jack Herer.

The dry hit: A pre-flame puff of Dutch Treat is deeply flavorful. It has a surprisingly complex taste that is overwhelmingly represented by semi-tart Meyer lemon. The last time I tasted anything comparable I was in a patisserie in provincial France.

The flavor: Dutch Treat has a delectable, mouth-watering savor. The intense lemon-pine taste gives way to the flavor of sweet eucalyptus with a slight undertone of sage.

The high: In spite of its reported 80 percent indica predominance, Dutch Treat represents sativa better than just about any hybrid. At the outset, it produces an uplifting, energeitc effect. It peaks with a giddy case of the giggles against a backdrop of growing excitement. For a while, everything is hilarious, energy levels seem mildly caffeinated and a smile is the only shape your lips can make. A perfectly-balanced hybrid, Dutch Treat smoothly transitions from heady high to a more mellow contentment, underscored by a sense of gratitude for everything. Its subsequent body stone creates lasting feelings of calm and relaxation, leaving you feeling incredibly comfortable in whatever situation. Even in the final, more indica-dominant stage of the high, Dutch Treat won’t relegate you to the couch, although it will make curling up on one with a good book or a movie sound enticing.

The word: Dutch Treat is exactly what a hybrid ought to be. Its indica predominance belies its giggly, euphoric outset and its sativa influence has exceptional powers of stimulating creativity and the appreciation of art. It’s a mostly-social strain whose initial effect keeps you actively engaged and whose aftermath does nothing worse than make you want to cuddle.

Suitable for daytime and evening use, Dutch Treat has been reported to cheer up depression and put insomniacs to sleep. Its other medicinal uses include pain management and appetite stimulation.

Dutch Treat is an all-around great high, deserving of a place in any discriminating chronnoisseur’s head stash. The strain isn’t quite Dutch, but it most certainly is a treat.

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