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Rocket Seeds: The Future of Seed Shopping is Here

Tissue culturing and synthetic seeds could be the future of cannabis breeding.


Rocket Seeds: The Future of Seed Shopping is Here

A one-stop-shop of high-quality, trusted seed banks, Rocket Seeds is dedicated to solving the problem of buying cannabis seeds from untrustworthy websites.

Buying seeds online used to be nothing more than a shot in the dark. There were no guarantees of successful breeding and customers had no way of insuring purchases that might not even show up.  

Thankfully, in recent years, a few dedicated breeders and seed banks have created a stan­dard for the cannabis seed industry that customers can trust. Still, as in any online indus­try, people and companies exist that would rather take advantage of people’s good nature than follow these standards. 

Rocket Seeds is working to solve this unfortunate reality by partnering with top seed banks and breeders from around the globe and packaging them in a convenient one-stop-shop location. Only brands abiding by the same standards of quality are included in this partnership. The current catalog includes: Crop King SeedsSonoma Seeds, Mary Jane’s Garden, Sun West Genetics, and Bea­ver Seeds. All of these seed banks offer popular and unique strains provided by world-renowned breeders. Plus, they all make substantial investments into their brands with premium products, exceptional packaging and accessible customer service. 

The Rocket Seeds Difference

Rocket Seeds has been fortunate enough to work with renowned breeders from all over the globe in an effort to add new and exciting strains to their seed bank. 

All of the Rocket Seeds brands offer a selection of premium packaged strains. With at least 20 signature strains per company, customers have access to more than 120 of the highest quality strains in beautiful packaging. These tried-and-tested strains are the building blocks of the brands and Rocket Seeds stands by this by investing in top-shelf packaging design. 

 “Our goal is to have the most diverse selection of seeds while upholding our standards for quality,” said Rocket Seeds’ assistant general manager, Andrew Talbot, adding that new, rotating, and original strains all ship out in eye-catching, brand-specific packaging. This ensures the product’s integrity, the customer’s experience and the brand’s reputation.

With a fleet of companies under the Rocket Seeds banner, customers can choose from an extensive selec­tion of strains in regular, feminized, auto-flower and CBD dominant variations. 

All orders placed through Rocket Seeds come with quality reassurance. Growers are provided with instructions on the approved germination technique, which Rocket Seeds guarantees will result in at least an 80% success rate. Although some companies will claim to have a quality guarantee, Rocket Seeds stands behind their promise with a 24/7 customer support team. The call center and live chat is filled with friendly, knowledgeable staff who are happy and willing to help you at any stage of the shopping experience. Whether you need help with order confirmation, delivery issues, questions about germination or the product, the Rocket Seeds team will do their best to answer any of your questions, any time.

Express, Worry-Free Shipping

A common worry for online shoppers is whether or not their order will actually show up.  Smaller companies often don’t have the resources to offer tracking on all of their orders, leaving customers in an uneasy state of limbo. This only worsened during the pandemic when at times it seemed as if mail was at a total standstill. Recognizing this “new normal,” Rocket Seeds decided to make all shipping express. In this industry, it is crucial for growers to receive their seeds on time, and express shipping guarantees that packages make it to customers in a timely manner. By working together with other brands, Rockets Seeds is able to offer this expedited service at no charge on orders over $200. 

With this set of standards in place, Rocket Seeds is confidently shipping premium, quality products across North America and is also reaching an increasing number of international customers. Constantly searching for new and exciting strains from around the globe, Rocket Seeds is always on the look-out for new seed banks and breeders to partner with. 

The end game is to give growers the most reliable seed buying experience, ensuring that customers receive a quality product on time. 

TELL US, what seed companies do you trust ordering from online?

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